My Mom Has Never Offered to Babysit My Son, So I Won’t Let Her See Him Anymore

Being new parents is a challenge for any couple. That’s why many hope that their families will help out so that taking care of the baby will be easier. The problem is that sometimes even grandparents prefer to avoid becoming the designated babysitter, despite their children’s pleas.

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Sorry,but what a sorry excuse of a grandmother..I would have never let any of my kids down like that and looked after my grandkids whenever they needed me,to me,family always comes first.


At Bright Side, we’ve been thinking about this situation and would like to share a few tips to help those who might be going through a similar situation:

  • Try being a bit more understanding with your parents. As the woman in our story mentioned, her mom was great at raising her own children, so it’s only natural that after devoting herself completely to her family for many years, she’s now looking to have some me time.
  • Listen actively. Communication is key when trying to find a solution to any problem. You can’t expect someone else to know what you’re thinking if you don’t tell them. Remember that everyone has the right to express their feelings, and it is best if you do it in a calm and empathetic way.
  • Avoid making any hasty decisions. When under stress, we might cave in and act impulsively. To avoid this, you can give yourself 24 hours to put the issue aside, and then, with more clarity and without emotions running high, you can reconsider it from a fresh perspective.
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  • Enjoying your free time is not selfish. For older adults, socializing is a fundamental part of their well-being, as it helps them to avoid health problems such as depression. Getting together with friends and attending yoga, Pilates or even dance classes can make all the difference.
  • Have a contingency plan. When you have a child under your care, you’re bound to need help from time to time. Nonetheless, your parents or family members may not always be available to accommodate your schedule. Try to make a list of babysitters who work in your area and don’t rely on just one, get in touch with an extra caregiver in case of a last-minute cancellation.
  • Most grandparents are more than happy to care for their grandchildren, but we must be considerate of them. Some may not feel physically capable of being responsible for a young child. Remember that at an advanced age, people may begin to experience geriatric syndromes, including frailty.
  • Think about your child. An adult could understand the reasons for preventing a grandmother to be in touch with her grandchild. But the little ones may not fully understand why this is happening. The best thing for the children is to allow them to bond with your family, despite the differences between adults.

Under what circumstances would you consider preventing your parents from having a relationship with their grandchild?

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Many grandparents don’t feel comfortable being left alone with a baby. And we don’t always tell our children if we have a physical problem. Give your mom a break. She’s not young anymore and is dealing with her own stuff. Does not mean she doesn’t love her grandson.


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