My Wife Literally Robbed Me and Left Me to “Find Herself”

4 months ago

A man, 50, took to Reddit to tell his mind-boggling family story, that made many people very compassionate about him. His wife, 48, has abandoned him, out of the blue, and, what is worse, she took almost all their family savings. The man is fuming, and he decided to tell the appalling details of the story to internet users.

The man’s family has been rock-solid despite all difficulties.

The man started his story, saying that his wife’s Mary’s family has a history of dementia, developing memory issues in their mid to late 50s. Her mom, grandmother and several other relatives on her mom’s side have developed dementia.

Her mom lived with their family for four years until earlier this year, the wife’s father is dead. Their kids are independent and out of the house. Oldest is in her last semester of college and the younger enlisted.

The last four years were tough for the man’s family, their kids and their marriage. Living with someone with dementia is brutal, the man admitted.

He and his wife had talked a lot the last year about taking the remaining college funds, their regular savings, sell or rent the house (they were ready to downsize anyway), quit both of their jobs and travel for a year or until the money runs out. The man wrote that they just had to wait for her mom to move into a home. He wrote that he understood her anxiety about developing dementia, and he also was burned out.

Things became to brighten up for the family, but the worst was still ahead.

The man continues his story, telling that space finally opened up, and they were able to move his wife’s mom into a care facility. The man admits that he finally thought he had a chance to breathe. When they moved Mary’s mom out, Mary’s mental health took a huge downward spiral. The man went from caring for her mom to caring for his wife. His spouse felt guilty about putting her mom in a home and had lots of anxiety about developing dementia.

Their family plan was to start their traveling summer 2024.

Two months ago, the man got home and discovered that his wife has left a note. Basically, she was going on their planned family trip without her husband. The woman had quit her job, took most of the savings, and wasn’t sure when she’d be back. Maybe a year, maybe sooner. She “knew her husband would understand”. Her location was turned off and her husband’s calls went directly to voice mail. The desperate man texted the kids a picture of the note.

The man then explained the situation with their financial arrangements in the family. He wrote, “We have our own checking accounts for direct deposits of our paychecks, but we’d transfer most into a joint account to pay the household bills and savings. We both had access to a main savings account. We have joint credit cards we used for household expenses. The two cars and mortgage are joint. We both also have our own small savings accounts, our own retirement accounts (equally funded) and our own credit cards for gifts and fun things.” He wrote that he closed all joint cards and accounts.

The situation took even a more dramatic turn with time.

The man waited a month to see if his wife would come back, hopefully before she spent all their savings. After receiving only one text the first month, he went to a lawyer. She basically said there was very little to do right at that moment, other than change the beneficiaries of the man’s retirement accounts and life insurance.

It was only a month and there was no way to serve her papers. The man’s lawyer advised him to keep paying the mortgage and the cars. The cost of trying to get a judge to approve the sale of joint assets was more than making payments. He didn’t want to ruin his credit by letting one of their car get repossessed, but now he can’t sell it because his wife is on the title.

The man revealed that he gets random texts and his spouse sporadically posts on Instagram (of course she has comments turned off). He says, “I want to block her so bad, but my lawyer advised me that it’s better to maintain a communication channel that’s not through our kids.”

Her last post was from Hawaii. She put in the comments how great a husband he was for letting her take this trip. He is barely making it paying two cars, a mortgage, household bills, insurance, hoping there are no emergencies because he literally has no savings. And she’s enjoying their common planned trip.

The man is desperate and cannot keep calm about the whole situation.

The man confessed that he’s extremely angry at his wife. He wrote, “I helped take care of her mom for four years, and her when she fell apart after her mom moved into a memory care home, and she returns the favor by abandoning me. I’ll never get to take this trip and have to put off retirement. My only solace is the kids are angry at her, but they’ll probably forgive her eventually.”

The man is sure that his wife is dating other men. He admitted that she looks good, she’ll have zero problem getting men.

His lawyer has given him a bunch of advice and options, it was just way more than he could possibly include in his post. He wrote, “I could definitely push the issue harder, and I might need to at some point, but all that work is very expensive. Finding her, serving her, getting a judge to sign off, that’s not cheap. I’m following up soon, and I plan on talking about the savings and my finances. Until I paid all the bills and realized how little was left, it didn’t hit me that I had to worry about money.”

And here’s yet another mind-boggling life story of a woman, who never cheated on her husband, but the paternity test he initiated showed that their daughter isn’t his.


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