Natalie Portman Breaks Silence on Her Split From Husband of 12 Years

5 months ago

Famous actress Natalie Portman separated from her husband Benjamin Millepied after more than a decade of marriage. The alleged reason for their separation is heartbreaking. Natalie was asked about the state of her marriage in a recent interview, and she gave a blunt reply.

A tragic separation.

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Natalie and Benjamin have two children together: son Aleph, 12, and daughter Amalia, 6. However, their marriage has been on the rocks since June 2023. Many sources claimed that Benjamin had a brief affair with a 25-year-old climate activist, which led to their separation.

The couple has not been seen together in public since June 10, when Natalie was spotted crying on a park bench next to Benjamin. In August, she was seen without her wedding ring in Australia.

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Natalie commented on the issue.

In an interview, she was asked to address the rumors about her marriage with Benjamin Millepied. “It’s terrible,” Natalie broke her silence on the matter. “I have no desire to contribute to it,” she added.

When the interviewer admitted that they “don’t love asking about it, either,” she replied, “I can imagine.”

AP/East News

Natalie also shared some insights into her lifestyle now. She said that she loves living in both Paris and Los Angeles, and that she finds them very complementary cities.

“I lead a very non-Hollywood life in LA. I live on the east side. I have some friends who are in the entertainment industry, but many friends who are not, and we don’t do industry things when we hang out. We’re not going to Hollywood parties, we’re having dinners at home in the backyard. I actually found that living there made my experience of LA much less ‘Hollywood.’” she said.

She also said that when she used to visit LA for work, she would stay in Beverly Hills and attend industry events, but living there made her appreciate the city more. “Living there made my experience much more rounded and appreciative of all the city has to offer, from nature to the arts, food to music, and of course, the people,” she said.

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