National Geographic Has Chosen the Best Photos of 2018, and They’re Just Fantastic

5 years ago

Everyone in this world knows that life consists of struggles and fleeting peaceful moments that can change our lives. Take a look at these photos — no matter who’s depicted in them, whether it be crocodiles, swans, lions, or people — they’re full of energy, pain, happiness, rage, and incredible beauty.

Bright Side invites you to look at the best National Geographic pictures of 2018.

19. A cheetah chasing a baby gazelle — and don’t worry, they were just playing and the cheetah let the baby go!

18. A crocodile hunting wildebeests

17. A fisherman saving a boy from drowning

16. Tornado

15. Paris students protesting against education reform

14. People traveling on the roof an overcrowded train to celebrate a religious holiday with their families

13. Basketball courts in China

12. An elephant wading through crocodile infested waters

11. Black swan’s eye

10. Van Gogh baobabs

9. A grouper is fighting for its life in a lizard’s mouth.

8. A chameleon changing its skin

7. Drying fabrics in Indonesia

6. A baby lion biting its mother’s tail

5. An elephant herd dust bathing

4. Dance classes in Cuba

3. Yosemite National Park at sunset

2. Best friends

1. Flamingo

Which photo do you think is the best? Tell us your opinions in the comments!


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