New Study Finds Having Sons Can Make You Age Faster

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6 months ago

In the realm of parenthood, countless studies have explored the impact of children on their parents’ lives. However, a recent groundbreaking study has shed light on a captivating and unexpected phenomenon: the potential influence of having sons on the aging process of moms and dads.

The study was done with specific types of people.


Previous research has already hinted at a possible link between the number of sons a mother has and her long-term health, particularly regarding dementia. To delve deeper into this relationship, researchers conducted a comprehensive investigation on cognitive aging in parents.

The study examined the cognitive baseline levels and the rate of cognitive decline in over 13,000 adults aged 50 years and older. The researchers also considered various sociodemographic factors throughout the participants’ lives. This study provides valuable insights into the potential impact of having at least one son on parental cognitive health and sheds light on an intriguing aspect of human aging.

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Scientists focused on participants who were parents and had at least one child. The analysis included a sample of parents, of which 82.3% had at least one son, and 61.6% of the respondents were female.

Having sons might have a long-term negative effect on parental cognition.

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The study findings strongly support the idea that having sons is connected to long-lasting negative effects on parents. Although scientists don’t fully understand how it happens, the results suggest that the reasons behind this relationship are more about how families interact rather than biological factors. Surprisingly, there were similar patterns among both mothers and fathers, showing that the impact of having sons on parental aging is not limited to a specific gender.

This means that the way family members interact and the relationships within the family have a big influence on the challenges parents face over time. More research is needed to better understand the specific social factors at play and to get a complete understanding of how having sons contributes to these long-term negative effects on parents.

Families with multiple sons have it tougher.

The study found that parents who had at least one son experienced a faster decline in cognitive abilities compared to parents who didn’t have any sons. Additionally, the results showed that parents with multiple sons had an even faster cognitive decline compared to parents who only had daughters. In simple terms, having sons was associated with a quicker decrease in cognitive function for parents.

Other studies made in the past have shed some light on the dynamics of family life. According to psychologists, dads also tend to be happier than moms. These studies not only contribute to our understanding of parental happiness but also support well-being within the context of parenthood.

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