Newlyweds Visit 33 Countries in One Year to Celebrate Their Honeymoon, and What They Did Is a Dream Come True

4 years ago

On their first date, Nick and Zoe Aust joked about how they would travel the world if things worked out between them. So after getting married 2 years later, they decided to make their resolutions come true. They quit their jobs and went on a 10-month honeymoon that would take them through 4 continents and 33 countries. But the journey was also a recreation of their “I dos”. The couple captured their adventures in incredible shots wearing their wedding attire. “Why not?” Zoe shared. “Life is short. Wear your wedding dress again and again!”

Bright Side wants to inspire you by taking a look at some of the most amazing places through the lens of these newlyweds.

33. Paris, France

32. Great Wall of China

31. Mauritius

30. Cappadocia, Turkey

29. Mount Everest, Nepal

28. Rome, Italy

27. Marrakesh, Morocco

26. Batu Caves, Malaysia

25. Barcelona, Spain

24. Sri Lanka

23. Kotor, Montenegro

22. Cape Town, South Africa

21. Vienna, Austria

20. Judaean Desert, Israel

19. Praslin, Seychelles

18. Dubrovnik, Croatia

17. Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

16. Singapore

15. North Malé Atoll, Maldives

14. Old Dubai, Dubai

13. Victoria, Australia

12. Bali, Indonesia

11. Giza, Egypt

10. Santorini, Greece

9. Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, Japan

8. Mount Cook, New Zealand

7. Taj Mahal, India

6. Phi Phi Island, Thailand

5. Sierra Leone

4. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

3. Savusavu, Fiji

2. Perast, Montenegro

1. Burg Eltz, Germany

Do you think nowadays it’s more possible to travel around the globe? Which place from your country would you recommend this adventurous couple to stop by? Share your thoughts below with the community!


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