Pamela Anderson Is Not Wearing Makeup Anymore, And The Reason Involves a Tragic Event

8 months ago

“It’s just better for me not to wear makeup”. In a captivating and candid interview, the iconic beauty, Pamela Anderson, delves into her evolving perspective on glamour and fashion. Known for her timeless allure and sultry looks, Pamela has been captivating audiences for decades. However, in recent years, she has undergone a transformation that extends far beyond her physical appearance.

Netflix/Courtesy Everett Collection/ East News, Netflix/Courtesy Everett Collection/ East News

Pamela Anderson’s journey through the world of glamour and fashion has been nothing short of remarkable. From her early days as a sought-after model and actress to her iconic role in Baywatch, she became an enduring symbol of beauty and sensuality. But as time passed, so did her views on what it means to be glamorous.

In a recent interview, Pamela reflects on her decision to embrace a more natural and authentic version of herself. She explains that this shift in perspective is rooted in a deeper understanding of self-acceptance and empowerment. Pamela’s changing views on glam are not simply a rejection of the industry’s standards but a declaration of her own autonomy and self-worth.

Pamela spilled the beans on why she decided to go makeup-free, describing the experience as “freeing, fun, and a little rebellious.” At 56 years young, she’s proving that beauty knows no age limits. Pamela’s decision to go au naturel was all about taking back control of her appearance. She’s traded in her super-skinny brows and smokey eyeliner for a more stripped-down, natural look.

Netflix/Courtesy Everett Collection/ East News

The catalyst for Pamela’s makeup transformation was a heartfelt one. When her makeup artist, Alexis Vogel, sadly passed away in 2019 after battling breast cancer, Pamela felt a deep connection to her bare face. It became a tribute to her friend and a way of honoring her memory.

“She was the best. And since then, I just felt, without Alexis, it’s just better for me not to wear makeup,” Anderson confessed. “I did notice that there were all these people doing big makeup looks, and it’s just like me to go against the grain and do the opposite of what everyone’s doing,” she added.

Moreover, the ever-charming actress shared some relatable wisdom about aging and self-acceptance. She candidly admits, “I think we all start looking a little funny when we get older, and I’m kind of laughing at myself when I look at the mirror. I go, ’Wow, this is really...what’s happening to me?’ It’s a journey.”

Netflix/Courtesy Everett Collection/ East News, ABC/Ferrari Press/East News

Pamela is all about keeping it real when it comes to aging. She’s not into the whole Botox and fillers scene. Instead, she’s choosing to age naturally, and she’s proud of it!

In a world where it seems like everyone’s trying to turn back the clock with injections and treatments, Pamela’s decision is like a breath of fresh air. It shows that she’s comfortable in her own skin and isn’t interested in chasing some unrealistic standard of beauty.

“I really feel powerful right now when everything’s very pared down,” she said. “I don’t like those injections, and that doesn’t work on me, I want to see what’s going to happen.”

Pamela has been pretty open about aging before, showing how much she’s all about the natural look.

Preview photo credit Netflix/Courtesy Everett Collection/ East News, ABC/Ferrari Press/East News


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