“People Got Angry,” Wolf Man Was Forced to Look “Normal” As He Struggles to Find Job Beyond Circus

8 months ago

Jesús Aceves has a condition called hypertrichosis, which causes an excessive amount of hair to grow on his face and back. Due to this condition, people often call him The Wolf Man. However, he’s tired of this nickname and simply wants to live a regular life.

He has to face challenging life.

Introducing Jesús Aceves, a 55-year-old man born with hypertrichosis, a condition characterized by excessive hair growth all over his body, particularly his face. Despite being married and having children, Jesús is not content with his current living situation.

“Some people get scared (of me), and sometimes they get angry,” he revealed.

He and his family endure discrimination, with his children facing hurtful name-calling and even exclusion from forming friendships with other kids, as one of his kids revealed in an interview, “People call me names, and they even tell their kids not to be my friends.”

He wants to have a ’normal’ job

Having spent his entire life working in the circus and traveling to various cities, Jesús Aceves is now weary of being viewed as odd, earning him the moniker The Wolf Man due to his hypertrichosis condition.

Returning home and no longer part of the circus, he confronts a new challenge: securing a “normal” job to provide for his family, as his wife primarily relies on temporary employment.

He is ’forced’ to shave his face.

He made numerous attempts to secure a regular job, but he faced repeated rejections after several unsuccessful interviews. This condition forced him to do something he has always avoided: shave his face. He hopes that by looking like ’normal’ people, he will be able to get a regular job.

He asked his family’s regular barber to help him, even having eyebrows and eyelashes added. The process was tough because the face was sensitive, but both he and his wife thought that just by shaving, he could find a job.

After going through numerous interviews, Jesús is now feeling confident that he’ll secure a job outside of the circus. However, should this opportunity come to fruition, he’ll need to maintain a clean-shaven face by shaving every two days.

Even though some conditions are uncommon, people can find ways to overcome the difficulties they bring and succeed in life. Hannah Tyre is a great example. She was born with a condition that makes her bones break easily, but her love for makeup turned her into an internet influencer with millions of followers. We hope that by sharing such stories in the mainstream media, people with genetic diseases will face less discrimination and be more accepted.


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