People Praise Kate Middleton, 41, for Aging “Like a Normal Human Being”

7 months ago

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, recently faced criticism from online trolls after a photo of her from Remembrance Sunday was posted by British Vogue. The trolls’ comments focused on her appearance, with some criticizing her for showing signs of aging. However, many people came to her defense, praising her for aging gracefully and rejecting the ageist narrative perpetuated by the trolls.

Many defend her authenticity.

One comment observed, “40 is not that old. This is obviously stress showing on her face,” drawing attention to the subjective nature of age and the toll that stress can take on one’s appearance. The comment raises an important point about the societal expectation for women, especially those in the public eye, to defy the natural aging process.

Another user remarked, “If this was a man her age, no one would be commenting on how ’old’ he looks,” shedding light on the glaring gender bias present in discussions about aging.

A more empathetic comment argued, “Every time a woman over 40 is posted here, everyone moans about them looking old or ugly. This is what women look like. The age they are supposed to look without ridiculous procedures and filters. Stop adding to the problem.” This plea highlights the pressure on women to conform to unrealistic beauty standards and the negative impact of such criticism.

“It’s refreshing to see someone aging gracefully. She’s natural, not pumped full of plastic,” commends a voice applauding Kate for resisting the siren call of artificial enhancements. This defender celebrates the Duchess’s refusal to succumb to societal pressures that often lead others down the path of cosmetic alterations.

In the midst of the storm, a compassionate defender offers, “I think she looks terrific. She’s at a sad event.” This acknowledgment of the emotional context provides a humane perspective, recognizing that a moment captured on film may not encapsulate the entirety of the human experience.

The critics were harsh.

Yet, the critics wield their own lens, one that often magnifies “flaws”. “Must say... She does look tired and not very happy,” declares a voice critical of the Duchess’s appearance, dismissing the complexities of emotion and circumstance.

Another voice pierces through the digital noise with a pointed question, “Why does she look so old?” This inquiry reflects a societal bias that demands women defy the natural aging process, perpetuating an unattainable standard of eternal youthfulness.

Stephen Lock / Avalon/Photoshot/East News

“She seems older than her age. She needs a good skin routine,” said another, underscoring society’s relentless pursuit of flawlessness and its expectation that women adhere to stringent beauty regimens.

The harshest critique assumes, “She is obviously very unhappy.” This snap judgment based on a single frame serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of assuming emotional states based on curated glimpses into a person’s life.

This is not the first time the princess gets age-shamed.

This is not the first time Kate Middleton has been targeted by trolls regarding her appearance. In the past, she has been subjected to derogatory comments about her aging and physical appearance, with some trolls even dubbing her “Kate Wrinkleton”. However, Middleton’s fans have consistently rushed to her defense, condemning the online mockery and emphasizing the need to appreciate natural aging as a standard of beauty.

Happily, there’s a shift in the way we tackle aging.


The public’s response to the trolls’ criticism highlights a broader societal conversation about beauty standards, ageism, and the treatment of public figures. It underscores the importance of challenging unrealistic beauty ideals and embracing natural aging as a part of life.

The support for Kate Middleton in the face of online mockery reflects a positive shift in societal attitudes toward aging and beauty standards. It serves as a reminder that individuals, regardless of their status, should be celebrated for aging gracefully and naturally, free from the pressures of unrealistic beauty expectations.

The ageist commentary seems relentless. Brace yourselves for our upcoming expose on Emilia Clarke, 37, who becomes the latest target of social media backlash for her appearance, sparking a conversation on societal expectations and beauty standards.

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What is wrong with all you people mocking her? Are you insane? You people are doing the same exact thing you did to Diana. Kate is perfection in zillions of photos, and you pick apart a bad angle? Do you really think that telling someone that you just love the way they are aging natural is a compliment? Kate, in my book, is the most beautiful woman in the world inside and out. You should be ashamed.


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