A Man Was Mistreated After Working for a Company for 42 Years, and People Made a Wonder for Him

7 months ago

At all times, a portion of good deeds could serve as a huge inspiration for us all. Such is the story about a man, who’s 70+ years old, and whose name’s John. He’s been working for the same company for 42 years, but when he decided to retire, his company mistreated him. And then, a woman named Soniah, used the power of social media to do some good for John, who finally got what he deserved for his hard and devoted work.

John has always been a super-dedicated worker.

A man named John Bartlett has recently become an example of humbleness, hard work and dedication, after his story was shared in the Internet by his co-worker. The woman named Soniah, who has an account on TikTok, has shared a video, where she told to all her subscribers about a simple worker John and his outstanding biography.

John Bartlett, who is now in his 70s, worked for the same factory for over 4 decades, and each morning the man took a bus and a train to go to his minimum-wage job in California.

With an average time of 40 hours per week for 42 years, John spent approximately 84,000 hours of his life working at the same place, and it may seem an embodiment of dedication. For sure, everyone would expect John to be decently rewarded for his job. But things went a very wrong way when the man decided to retire.

John’s co-worker shared unpleasant details about John’s retirement day.

Soniah, who happened to be John’s colleague, was left absolutely heartbroken about how the man was treated after 42 years of tireless job at the same factory. She revealed, that when it came to John’s last day at work before his retirement, he was thrown a retirement BBQ and the company gave him a certificate, and this was all, after 42 years.

Soniah couldn’t stand such an underwhelming “gratitude” from the side of the factory, and she filmed John’s retirement day and later the woman used the power of social networks to share this injustice with all of her subscribers. Soniah also started a GoFundMe campaign for John, as she wanted to raise money for him to retire decently.

When the company failed — the colleagues stepped out.

One of Soniah’s video shows John working in some warehouse unit on his last day at work. A huge on-screen caption said, that the man loved working at the factory so much that he even didn’t want to retire. But the company gave him not a single bonus, not even a decent present, they just offered him a barbecue and a certificate. In her video, Soniah summoned people to not be overly dedicated to their jobs and thanked John for his hard work and loyalty.

The woman also shared some details about John’s family and personality. She said he doesn’t have wife or kids, but the man has a nephew, whom he loves with all his heart. The man loves reading, but his main love has always been his job, and when he was suggested some days off, he would still want to work.

What happened next, surpassed even Soniah’s expectations.

Soniah posted the video to her social network account on September 29. Since then, it has been viewed millions of times, and Soniah used this popularity popularity to start a GoFundMe campaign on John’s behalf. The initial goal was to raise $28,000, but, much to Sonia’h surprise, the donations kept coming in even when the goal sum was raised.

Soniah keeps all people updated about how things are progressing, and she regularly shares videos of John and his reaction to what’s actually going on. By now, John’s GoFundMe campaign has collected over $96,000, and there are more and more people who want to be a part of one huge kind deed and express their gratitude to John.

And here are more good deeds from people, who’ll make you believe the world’s a great place to live in.

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