People Share Moments When the Camera Went Out of Control and They Get Scarier With Every Pic

3 years ago

The word "panorama" is formed from the Greek pan (all) and horama (view). This word was coined in the 18th century to denote a new type of entertainment where people bought tickets and entered circular rooms painted with a 360-degree view of something marvelous. Today people are able to create these masterpieces by pushing one button. But as our article shows, there is always a space for failure.

Bright Side has put together 23 sights you will never see in real life.

1. This is a caterpillar man.

2. When my friends say I'm very photogenic:

3. A new speсies of dog: a Doggosaurus

4. We have just opened the gates of hell.

5. Is this a space-saving bus for small towns?

6. What happened to my dog?

7. I saw a dementor and felt so cold inside.

8. This is a new level of yoga.

9. Do you still believe that the Earth is round?

10. When you ask your boyfriend to take a lot of photos, but don't specify they should be separate:

11. When you have a dog in full-view mode, no burglar will have a chance to break into your house:

12. Just drink this glass of wine and I will become a princess.

13. Who is feeding you?

14. Do you need any help with that?

15. Her face looks like she's just won a solitaire game.

16. There's always someone who will support you.

17. My nightmares have come to life.

18. Bananaaa...

19. When you don't trust anyone and have to develop 360-degree observation skills.

20. Is this your new boyfriend? Run!!

21. When you haven't met your other half yet:

22. It's not a panorama, it's a paranormal.

23. A new iPhone with a monster detector is for sale.

Which panoramic fail is the most hilarious? Have you ever taken a photo like this or are you a PRO at it? Share your stories with us!

Preview photo credit earwigy1990/Reddit, Unknown/Imgur


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