People Share One Memory That Will Always Make Them Smile

4 years ago

If you rummage through the attic that is your brain, you’re guaranteed to find a memory that will put a smile on your face. Maybe you’ll reminisce about your sweet grandma and how you used to bake, sew, and do puzzles together when you were a kid. Or maybe you’ll remember the day you finally decided to ask someone out on a date and they said yes!

We at Bright Side love remembering the good old days, and so do some Reddit users. Here are the memories that never fail to make them feel happier!


Mine would be when I first started talking to my SO. I had been asking co-workers about her for a while and then I found out that she was asking about me as well. We would talk here and there, but I never had the guts to ask her on a date. When I finally built up the courage to ask her out on a date, she was saying yes before I even asked! We were laughing like school girls because I literally only asked if I could ask her something.

It makes me smile because I always had low self-esteem and underestimated how much I was worth in the sense of what I could bring to the table in a relationship. Having her love and support just makes me so incredibly happy now and that memory just stands out during the good and the hard times. @moarcheeseplz


About a year ago, I was in a discount grocery store. I had about $20 left after bills and rent, so I was having to carefully pick and choose what to buy. In the end, after hemming and hawing for a couple of minutes over whether I could afford to spend $6 on coffee, I put it back on the shelf and went to the register.

As I’m walking out of the shop, I hear a woman call after me: “Young man, you forgot this,” I turn around and she thrusts the jar of coffee into my bag, I go to protest and she cuts me off by saying: “I remember what it was like, not having enough money and having to go without. You take that coffee and enjoy it, friend,” with the biggest smile on her face. She was like a beacon of light during one of my darkest times, and I always remember her, with every cup of coffee, I can’t help but smile. Because now each cup reminds me that there are truly good people in the world. @GlalD


My son when he was like 3 on a hike — beautiful woods — he made his way up a decent sized hill and at the top muttered... “happy.” @as012qwe


My mom found out she had stage 4 lung cancer when I was 2 and passed away when I was 6. When she got diagnosed, she was given 6 months to live so, needless to say, she gave us lots of amazing memories and really lived in the moment.

The one story I always tell when talking about my mom was how, one day, she let me and my older sister stay home, which was a big deal in the 1st and 3rd grade already. We went to Bulk Barn and got EVERY item we wanted. When we got home, we snuggled in my parents’ bed, spread out what felt like a never-ending amount of bags of chocolate and candy, and watched Disney movies all afternoon. When my dad came home from work, he just jumped right in and joined us.

It was right before she went into hospice and the last “good day” I remember her having before she passed, so that memory holds a special place in my heart. @importantsphere


My favorite childhood memory is, and always will be, sitting at the kitchen table, having a coffee with my mom. We would just sit and talk for hours about everything, over a pot of coffee. Truthfully, every time I have coffee, I think of those times and smile. @WVUEnchilada


I was 9 and it was my first time visiting Disney and vacationing in the States. Living in the tropics, I couldn’t get used to the cold summer nights in California (you read that right), and came down with a mild fever.

Was pretty down after realizing I wasn’t going to be able to catch the fireworks display, so my dad snuck me out when my mom was busy looking after my brother. He carried me to the castle where I saw fireworks for the first time in my life. He even indulged me further and let me go on some rides before that! Thanks, Dad! @howappalling


Thinking about my cat, Cricket, and how he loved hanging out with me in my garage, like he was my assistant working on the car or sitting with me during rainstorms. He was so much fun. @fiftynineminutes


Last year, I was in Walmart one day. A little boy comes walking in the store with his mom, very hyperactive, then screams at the top of his lungs the moment he gets in the store: “MARCO!” A random old man who happens to be walking by yells back, “POLO.” Pretty entertaining to see. @krustythekklown


The day my first son was born, his eyes were closed the first few minutes, even after being handled by his mom and the doctors. Suddenly he opened his eyes and I was the first person he ever saw. It was love at first sight. I love telling him that story to this day. @Darklydreaminx


The first time my daughter spoke an intelligible word. She woke up in the morning and looking at me said, “Papa!” @CalangoJango


When my daughter was little, she literally could not stop talking. She has ADHD and that’s just one of the effects. One day, we were walking by an abandoned lot. It looked like an old gas station or something. My daughter looked at it and said, “Wow, that’s a beautiful yard!!” I said, “That’s a lot.” She said, “Yeah!! A lot of beautiful yard!!!” @beekermc


I got to spend an entire week with my grandmother, once, when I was a child. That week was the best, since I love my grandmother. We would scrapbook, sew, bake cookies, and do puzzles together. I was so happy to be able to spend time with her like that. She was my favorite person in the world.

I loved my grandmother so much, that when I was a little kid, “what I wanted to be when I grew up” was a grandmother. @FrogginBullfish_


My mom would sing and dance in the kitchen every Sunday morning when I was growing up. Times were always tough and money was always tight, but my mom always made sure we were happy and healthy.

One particular day when I was 8, I was woken up by the sound of Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” blasting through the house, and my mom singing off-key. As I walked to the kitchen the smell of chorizo and eggs filled the air, and there I saw her. My mom, who only a few days earlier looked so miserable with her life, was dancing her heart out with a spatula in her hand. @100thatpetty


Well, I was hitting a real low point and my friend invited me over. I still had all these thoughts in my head, until she opened the door and her big ass Siberian Husky jumps on me and starts to lick my face. I started giggling and literally all my worries went kaput. @Eggshell101


My then 5-year-old daughter, dancing with my husband at our wedding. Her biological dad was never in the picture. To see the 2 of them dance at our wedding had me ugly crying. @ImaginaryDocument5


My sister has severe anxiety and depression. She was the maid of honor at my wedding. My husband and I were supposed to dance to the song “Tightrope” from The Greatest Showman. As we walk onto the dancefloor, the DJ announces this will be our first dance...“but I don’t think they know that this is a recording from [sister].”

My sister recorded herself singing the song (which she didn’t know we had picked) while a friend played piano for us to dance to. I cried a lot on my wedding day (all happy), but nothing made me cry harder than that. I’m crying now just remembering it. She told me afterward how hard it was for her to work up the courage to sing it, record it, everything it involved, but she loved me and wanted to give me something special. This will never not make me cry. @werekitty93

Which memories always make you smile? We’d love to see them in the comments!

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I remember when my daughter opened her eyes for the first time. What a honest feeling was to look at her eyes and realizing how deep in love I was with her


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