People Shared 15 Witty Parenting Tips That Could Help You One Day

There’s no way around it, having kids changes our lives. From mealtimes to discipline, to playing with your kids — there is so much to do and so little time for yourself. But it could be easier with the help of experienced parents. Luckily, today we have the internet where parents also share their best and funniest tips that they’ve figured out over the years.

At Bright Side, we want you to thrive as a parent. So we’ve gathered 15 of the internet’s top parenting hacks to help you be the greatest mom or dad you can be.

1. This top tip to get a moment of peace.

2. How to tell if your kid did something wrong.

3. A really clever way to get kids to do their chores.

4. How to get that little bit of extra sleep.

5. Getting some well-deserved alone time to drink coffee.

6. How to maintain your privacy:

7. A great tip to tell if your kid is telling the truth.

8. Respecting your kids’ privacy is key.

9. An innovative discipline idea

10. How to not share food with your kids.

11. How to get your kids to stop fighting.

12. Motivating kids to clean their room.

13. How to get work done as a parent:

14. A simple trick to make your kids do chores

15. How to get that extra sleep you need.

What is your best piece of parenting advice? Do you have a funny story about your kids? What is your favorite thing about being a parent?

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My kids want to watch Youtube kids videos all day long on my phone..they make tantrums for me to put the passcode on! LOL, a parenting hack: I say, "Youtube is temporarily closed for 10 years." And sometimes I say, "My phone isn't working", and only use it when they're not looking.. So hard! :/
driving some where? get bag of candy, each time kids act up, unwrap and throw peice out the window

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