People Turn Paper Into Mesmerizing Works of Art, and These Are True Masterpieces

5 years ago

Traditional paper arts like Kirie, literally meaning “cut picture,” started in Japan back around 700 AD. Nowadays, there are many talented contemporary artists who master the art of paper in the most creative ways razzle-dazzling their fans with their paper designs.

At Bright Side we curated a selection of paper artists and we are excited to present them to you, along with their delicately made artwork.

1. Kiri Ken, The fragility of the balance in marine life

2. The Tiger. Let’s preserve that special bond between humans and animals.

3. Mr. Ivo Opstelten. The former Mayor of Rotterdam looks stunning in paper!

4. Eva. An important message about how women are not fragile, but powerful figures.

5. Spix macaw. Can he talk? He can fly, that’s for sure.

6. Control X3/18. The significance of the microscopic world of bacteria and microbes.

7. Reflection on Sagrada Familia. That is how far one can go with precision, passion, and patience.

8. Don’t Ever Go. But we would love to go inside!

9. Dragon. Khaleesi’s dragons would be so impressed.

10. Warrior in the Wind. The importance of art in paying homage to nature and tradition.

11. Hades & Olympus I. The magic is hiding in the details if we just look closer.

12. Old Man. Tiny swirled pieces of colorful paper create a panorama of Indian culture.

13. Kismet. Those symmetrical and beautiful geometrical lines make you wanna take a picture.

14. A Castle On the Ocean. I would love to take a walk in there, what about you?

15. Red Shoes With Lace Socks. “Choosing shoes for going out is a small form of happiness!”

16. Bright. “What if I fall?” — “But, what if you fly?”

17. Topaz. The look of the old lady in this artwork says so much more than words can express.

18. Calligraphy. “When you arise in the morning, give thanks for your food and for the joy of living.”

19. Artaq 2013 Suite. The importance of every little step we take.

20. Blessing Wall. It’s really amazing what the hands of a man with talent can do.

Bonus: Greek Statue. Like we’re taught in yoga, it’s all about being balanced and flexible.

Which design was your favorite? Do you know any more paper art that should be included on this list? If you are as amazed as we were when we first came across these beautiful designs, share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit hinaaoyama / Instagram


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