Perfect Ideas From Amazon for Those With No Bathtub, Who Urgently Need to Relax

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Mmm, the warm water relaxes your body and the soft foam bubbles are so inviting... If you are sighing sadly, thinking about it because your bathroom only has a shower, then we have something for you. Just inflate your bathtub wherever you are!

This ingenious solution will allow you to enjoy a hot bath in any room, in the yard, and even on a road trip. The main thing is that you have water. And do not forget that you’ll need a place where you drain the water!

Read to the end to find even more life hacks to make you cozy in the bonus section!

It is really very simple! 2 drain plugs allow you to empty it quickly, and the valves in each inflatable layer allow you to quickly inflate and deflate this unit. The tub is made of thick PVC to avoid punctures and leaks. But even if something doesn’t go according to plan and you manage to put a hole in it, you’ll find a repair patch in the kit to fix the problem quickly!

How it works:

  • Inflate the bath in any convenient place where a hose with warm water can reach. You can use this both indoors and outdoors.
  • For the best shape of the bathtub and speed of the process, you should use a pump!
  • Get the water to the right temperature and enjoy your soak.
  • Just open the valve to drain the water if your tub is in a room with a drain.
  • If there is no drain, dip the hose into water, then create a vacuum by sucking air out of the other end of the hose, and dip the opposite end of the hose into a sink or shower drain.
  • Release the air from the inflated tub by opening the valve.

Why do we like it?

  • It keeps the water warm! The air space inside the walls of the bathtub will serve as a kind of thermos, because it will not conduct heat in the same way as, for example, a steel bathtub. This will allow the water to cool much more slowly.
  • It can save water! You can relax in the warm water for as long as you want without worrying about wasting water. If you like long water sessions, this is really beneficial for you, because the amount of water in the bathroom is limited!
  • This bathtub can inspire you with different ideas! Turn it into a small outdoor pool for hot weather or fill it with plastic balls to turn it into a dry pool for your kids!

Check out these happy buyers’ reviews!

Fabulous giant tub insert — save water, very sturdy.
I have a giant, 2-person jacuzzi tub that came with the house we recently purchased. The previous owners left biofilm that defies removal in the jets (EWWW!). Besides the biofilm, my jacuzzi tub empties my entire water heater (a LARGE one) to fill.
I tried a few MacGyver fixes that were ok, but then I found this inflatable tub!
This inflatable tub fits inside my jacuzzi tub perfectly (slightly underinflated). I can now have a lovely hot bath using approximately 1/3 of the water!
As some others have mentioned, it can be challenging to empty if the drain holes don’t line up, but I use a short piece of PVC pipe to create a “drain tunnel” between the 2 drains and then flip the tub over to let out the last little bit.
The inflatable tub is very sturdy and holds air really well. Mine has been inflated since I purchased it a little over a year ago, used regularly, and has never needed reinflating.
Once dry, I just put it right back into the jacuzzi tub and it is relatively unnoticeable as it is the same color and about the same depth as my jacuzzi tub.
It’s not the most perfect solution, but I think it is a fairly elegant and very doable one until I can afford a proper bathroom remodel. I am very happy with this purchase. Happy soaking!
@J. Smith

My husband and I travel in a 41-foot fifth-wheel travel trailer for his work. I love every minute of it except the trailer only has a shower. This tub is the absolute best purchase I have made in a very long time. I set it up in front of my kitchen island on a tarp (just in case) and just turned the sink faucet around to fill it. I then took a long wonderful soak in it. When I got ready to drain it, I used a cheap submersible pond pump and drained it right into the kitchen sink. It worked perfectly and drained very quickly. No mess, no fuss. I will be purchasing a second tub just to have a spare. I love, love, love it.

I can soak in my tub-less apartment!
I wanted to use this item a few times before I reviewed it. So here are my likes: Can actually take a bath in my shower-only bathroom! Separate air chambers so if you did get a leak, it wouldn’t affect the entire thing. Large enough for me to actually get in and stretch my legs (5’9″).
Here are my dislikes: Wish it had better inflation values (takes a long time to inflate each section and to deflate, so make sure you have an air pump), and no padding on the floor. Overall, I’m happy that I can soak now.
@Victoria Andrews

BONUS! Sometimes life throws puts us in different places, and our thirst for adventure leads us to stay in places that could have better-equipped rooms. If you are the type who cares about your comfort everywhere, these hacks are for you!

6. Faucet attachment for easy washing in the sink. You no longer need to try to wash your hair in an back-breaking pose!

  • Use this attachment to conveniently fill your cleaning bucket.
  • Wash your pet in the sink, it’s so handy!
  • Rinse your sink with this faucet to keep it clean.
  • Use the nozzle instead of the bidet for better hygiene.

Happy buyer review:

Perfect. Fits neatly and no plumbing is required.
It was really easy to fit and no plumbing was required. Fits UK taps perfectly.

5. Portable 19-liter sink will solve the problem of getting your hands clean no matter where you are.

  • This portable sink includes a built-in liquid soap dispenser, a stainless-steel towel holder, and a flexible drain hose to direct waste. Everything you need to maintain hygiene.
  • The water tank on a mobile stand with wheels will provide you with 19 liters of water.

Happy buyer review:

Exactly what I needed for my studio apartment!
Just built a studio apartment in my parent’s backyard and made a little porta-potty. I didn’t get an actual toilet or sink installed, so I ordered this so I won’t have to go all the way inside or outside to the water hose to wash my hands, and it fits perfectly! It works exactly as described, and the 5-gallon water tank lasts for about 2 and a half weeks if I wash my hands about 3 times a day! It’s definitely not the most aesthetically pleasing or nicest looking, but I have gotten some compliments on it being “cute,” so it has started to grow on me! I will say it’s a bit shorter than I thought and the bowl is a little smaller than I thought, but it works to wash your hands! I would definitely buy this sink again if I had to in the future, cause it just works like it’s supposed to!

4. A portable water dispenser is also useful for filling a glass with drinking water or washing your hands.

  • Mount the tank above the waste container and use it as a washbasin if there is no water at the faucet.
  • Use as a drinking water cooler on the go.
  • Install the tank in the refrigerator to always have chilled drinking water.

Happy buyer review:

Good quality. Very useful. Highly recommend.
Purchased as an easy way for the whole family to get themselves drinks from the fridge. Has worked great so far over the last few weeks, even for the young kids.
It seems to fit slightly more than advertised if you fill it right to the very top, probably about 5.8 L.
Flow works best with the lid off to allow air to enter from the top.
Despite other reviews, we haven’t had any issues with leaking, just make sure that the spigot is secured tightly.
Very happy with this purchase, would definitely recommend it!

3. A portable shower will allow you to smell clean on the road and even in the most unequipped hostel.

  • If you have a bathroom remodel coming up and have no idea how you’ll get through these weeks without a hot shower, this will help you out!
  • The perfect find for camping or outdoor showers.
  • Use this to wash your dog in the yard or clean your car.
  • Arrange a shower for your plants.

Happy buyer review:

Great wee shower.
Great wee backup shower for the static caravan when the hot water boiler stopped working. Very easy to use. Excellent battery life. 10 showers so far on one charge. All I have to do is boil kettle x2 and add cold water in the container to get the right temp so I can shower and wash my short hair. No interruptions to my water flow or temp that can happen when showering using a “fixed” gas boiler lol.

2. A portable toilet will save you from embarrassing situations. It is perfect if you are stuck in a traffic jam for a long time!

  • This is a godsend for traveling with children! The universal form will be convenient and will save kids from potty accidents.
  • It folds up compactly and won’t take up much room in your bag.
  • A secure lid prevents leaks.

Happy buyer review:

An impressive and very handy little bottle. I never go on a journey without it, just in case. Now I’m never caught short. I’m very pleased, but it would have been more convenient if it could have contained one liter instead of 750 ml.
Kennington Shopper

1. A portable flush toilet will recreate bathroom comfort even in a motorhome.

  • Durable, lightweight, and roomy, this toilet securely locks in odors and is a hygienic solution when you don’t have a full bathroom.
  • Install a toilet in your bedroom so that you and your children don’t have to go far at night, if needed.
  • This is an excellent and eco-friendly solution for travel and camping, which will make you feel comfortable even in unfamiliar conditions.

Happy buyer review:

Great product at a reasonable price.
We bought this as we were having the only bathroom in our home remodeled. It exceeded our expectations both in quality and functionality. It was easy to operate and stayed clean and smell-free between emptying. So much so that we will consider having it available when we have larger parties as a backup option just in case. Glad we bought it!

If you were to go somewhere where civilization has not yet reached, what item for personal comfort would you “invent” first?

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