Previous Generations Are Drop-Dead Cool (17 Retro Photos)

2 years ago

We have more than 40 generations of ancestors. That’s a trillion people with stories and achievements. They were all different yet shared one thing in common. They were incredibly cool and made us adore them.

We at Bright Side can prove our words. And 17 photos from the past will help us do it. You can join us and feel the atmosphere of awesomeness.

1. “My great-grandmother graduated in 1900 with a degree in physics.”

Incredible! She graduated 15 years before Einstein’s general relativity theory. © ChronosHollow / Reddit

2. “My grandparents in the ’70s, the first Hispanic firefighter and policewoman in Fort Worth, TX.”

3. “My grandmother in the local newspaper (1983)”

4. “My grandpa Ron was a signalman in WWII for the Australian Navy in 1943 at age 18. He is now 96 and participated in his local Anzac Parade in NSW last month.”

5. “Around 1925. Here’s my dad and grandmother looking like a scene from an old movie.”

6. “I doubt I will ever be as cool as my uncle in 1990.”

7. “My Dad and 2 of his brothers before a race. Taken in People’s Park, Dún Laoghaire, Ireland in the ’80s.”

8. “My wife’s grandmother performed with the Ziegfeld Follies in 1928-1929.”

9. “My grandma, Gaza, 1960s. She was a well-known radio host and used to receive marriage proposals in the mail.”

10. “My great grandfather on board his Canadian Navy ship in the North Atlantic during WW2.”

11. “My mom in 1992, age 26, backpacking through the Swiss alps. Probably singing, ’The hills are alive with the sound of music...’”

12. “My aunt as the lead singer of her band in the ’90s”

13. “My grandfather in the early 1950s after surviving Auschwitz, getting married to a Red Cross nurse, emigrating to the US, and having his first of four children.”

14. “My mom on vacation in Amsterdam after she broke off her engagement in 1971”

15. “My Pops finally beating Super Mario Bros. on Christmas night, 1988”

16. “1950s — My grandma loved to sing. You can spot my grandpa fawning over her!”

17. “I found this old DIA of my dad drifting down the Yukon River on a self-built raft in 1982. Now I am jealous...”

What’s your favorite retro photo of your family members? Share it with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit Last_Of_His_Name / Reddit


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