Prince William Shares Father’s Day Pic With King Charles, People Only Noticed One Thing

3 weeks ago

Prince William is celebrating Father’s Day with a candid childhood photo featuring King Charles. The picture quickly drew attention from people, who immediately noticed one detail.

In the photo, young Prince William is wearing blue overalls, a blue and white striped t-shirt, black shoes, and little white socks. He’s grinning in a garden full of daisies, standing close to his father, King Charles, who is dressed in a gray suit, pink shirt, and brown shoes. The image captures a sweet and joyful moment between them.

The social media posts come just a day after the annual Trooping the Colour ceremony, which celebrates the monarch’s official birthday. The caption reads, “Happy Father’s Day, Pa. W”


Despite the adorable picture, something was notably significant in the caption: the “W” in the message indicated it came solely from Prince William, not Harry. Harry has distanced himself from the family since moving to California, which has reportedly complicated his relationship with his father.

Meanwhile, back in the UK, as Charles has become monarch and William the Prince of Wales, their father-son bond has grown stronger.


So on Father’s Day, Charles received well-wishes from only one of his children—Prince William. Notably absent from the picture was Harry, who chose not to acknowledge the occasion.

In contrast, the Duke of Sussex, reportedly not invited to Saturday’s Trooping the Colour ceremony, kept a low profile during the festivity.


Many royal fans noticed the same thing and were quick to comment underneath the tribute William paid to his father Charles. “Like Harry does not exist. A level of hypocrisy,” someone wrote. Another accused William, stating, “Prince of Wales wants us to believe he’s an only child.” “Where’s Harry?” someone else commented, while another wrote, “He has two sons, please.”

However, there were also others who defended the tribute and appreciated the picture and the affection it portrayed. One user wrote, “This is Prince William’s family account, why do you all ask for Prince Harry’s photo to be included?” Others commented positively, saying, “Father and son. What a classic homage,” and “A true son who knows how to honor his parents. Happy Father’s Day.”

Prince William also received a heartfelt tribute from a daring source: his wife, Princess Catherine.

Preview photo credit KIRSTY O'CONNOR/AFP/East News, princeandprincessofwales / Instagram


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