10+ Outrageous Reasons People Dumped Their Partners

10 months ago

Breaking up is hard to do, but sometimes it can also be hilarious, bizarre, or downright cruel. That’s what some Reddit users discovered when they shared their weirdest breakup stories on the popular online forum. Here are some of the most outrageous ones that will make you laugh, cringe, or feel sympathetic.

  • We saw an owl while driving down the road and I thought it was so cool to see it fly over us and land in a nearby tree. She thought I was crazy. I mean...it’s an owl. How can it not be cool? SlytherinWario/reddit
  • She insisted that the phrase where 2 options were basically the same was, “8 of one, half dozen of another.” I told her it was 6, which is a half dozen. She told me, “You say it your way, I’ll say it mine.” Tamarlaine/reddit
  • She thought microwaving a piece of leftover pizza needed 4 minutes. AldoRaineClone/reddit
  • She smelled like soup. Scottyflamingo/reddit
  • This is gonna make me sound like Joey from Friends, but he kept eating my food. We were on a date, and each got a pizza. When he was done, he took one of my slices without even asking. Had he asked, it would have been different.
    Later, we were at the movies, and I asked if he wanted popcorn, but he said he didn’t. So I bought it for myself. Not even 10 minutes in, he started eating my popcorn. So I slapped his hand away. When you say you don’t want it, then don’t eat mine. nerdy-triceratops/reddit
  • In the early 2010s, I was in college and went out for Halloween. And met a guy dressed as a pirate who looked like Johnny Depp dressed as a pirate. It was the era of those movies. We started dating, and I realized he looked like a pirate 24/7/365, and I couldn’t handle it. toreadorable/reddit
  • She thought she got the answer to the crossword when it was actually me. IsolatedPSup/reddit
  • He talked so fast that I often couldn’t understand him. When I would ask him to please talk slower, he would talk LOUDER. But just as fast. SouthSideSurvivor/reddit
  • Never wanted to get tacos. Mcshiggs/reddit
  • We had an argument about the way the world was shaped. I thought it was shaped like a globe, and he thought it was shaped like a pancake. Minix22/reddit
  • His feet smelled. I mean so bad. Wasn’t going to go the long haul with that. hunnyjo/reddit
  • She threw garbage out my truck window while driving down the road. First date-last date. paintman01/reddit
  • Her dog was teaching my dog to howl at sirens. Wake95/reddit
  • One year in, she told me she was literally an angel. Sad to say, there was A LOT about her that wasn’t heaven-sent. Pristine-Chain4612/reddit
  • She was a full-grown woman in her late 20s. College degree and a job. She started doing it
    around the second month into our relationship.
    She would speak French to herself in the mirror at home, and then she would do it at restaurants thinking it made her sound cool, I guess? I don’t know. Here’s the thing...
    She knew not one word of French. She had no desire to learn a single word of French. She just spoke gibberish that sounded VAGUELY like French. LookMaNoPride/reddit
  • Buckle up. One time I went on a hike with my boyfriend at the time. It was a double date. I looked up the weather and knew to pack 2 water bottles for myself as I dehydrate easily. So I start pacing myself drinking my first water. My boyfriend then reaches into my backpack and takes out the other water and just chugs it. Immediately.
    I didn’t say anything because I figured maybe I could handle one water bottle. The hike progresses, and he keeps saying, “I wish I had water.” My friend’s boyfriend looks at me and says, “You should share your water with him,” and I think, I already did because he drank whole water for himself. I said “no” because that’s all the water I have left.
    He just kept saying he wished he had water and all I could think to myself was that he should’ve been prepared and brought his own water. I was already nice not pointing out he downed an entire bottle that I intended for ME. I broke up with him that day. Because it showed me 2 things. First, he is not prepared, and second, he is entitled and rude. totallybuggin88/reddit

These are just some of the many weird breakup stories that Reddit users have shared. Whether you find them funny, sad, or shocking, they show that love can be unpredictable and sometimes end in unexpected ways. Don’t run away too fast — check another article where Reddit users shared real stories that no one believes because they sound too made up.

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