The Blind and Deaf Dog Abandoned by His Family Now Helps Other Animals Feel Safe and Loved

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Sherio the dog hasn’t always had it easy, but he hasn’t let that turn him into a bitter or mean boy. Instead, this adorable puppy has decided to help other foster animals feel safe and secure. Sherio, who now lives in a happy and caring household, is all too aware of how frightening it can be to move into a new house. And his story is so lovely that it made our hearts melt while writing about him.

He has been rejected many times.

Sherio had a difficult time finding a forever home because he’s not only deaf, but also partially blind. He has lived in 2 shelters, 12 foster homes, and has even been adopted 4 times, only to be returned each time.

It took time for him to find a caring home, but he eventually did.

He finally found someone willing to accept him for who he was, disabilities and all, when he eventually met Sheryl Smith. Smith had a history of caring for abandoned animals, so when she met Sherio, she knew she had to take him in.

After being adopted, he decided to put his experience to use and help other pets who had similar pasts.

Since being adopted by Smith, Sherio has been determined to “pay it forward” and share his happiness with others. He is so grateful to have finally found a family who loves him.

He assists each animal Smith decides to take in and care for. Sherio makes every effort to provide needy animals with security and love. He attempts to be a source of peace while encouraging them with licks and kisses.

He takes care of his friends.

In an interview, Smith said, “Just after his rescue, l rescued a pregnant dog who was too sick to care for her pups, so [Sherio] climbed in with them and started cleaning them. He’s done that with every rescue I take in. He will just sit patiently with the feral cats/kittens and bonds so strongly with them, they trust him before they trust me.”

“Even when everything is good for him, remembering his past still gives me anxiety.”

Sherio’s intense care for the animals he helps foster makes sense, given that he has experienced a similar circumstance firsthand too, way too many times. Sherio still experiences separation anxiety due to his history, even though he’s secure in his current permanent home. Smith explains, “He still, to this day, cries in the car because he thinks he’s being dropped off somewhere else.”

He is stronger than his heartbreaking past, and he proves it.

In 2020, Smith adopted a feral kitten called Tiny Tolley, who was in severe need of care. Sherio, of course, did his part and faithfully remained by the kitten’s side as she grew stronger and healthier. He even gave Tiny Tolley a few big, wet puppy kisses after she could explore the home on her own. Instead of letting his past heartbreak into his current life, Sherio has managed to use his experiences for something positive.

Would you adopt Sherio? Do you have pets? If so, please, share their pics in the comments!


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