Rescue Dog From a Kill Shelter Stars in the New Lady and the Tramp Movie and Encourages People to Adopt Not Shop

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In a real-life case of “rags to riches,” a dog abandoned at a kill shelter has been chosen by Disney to play Tramp in the upcoming live-action remake of the animated classic Lady and the Tramp. All thanks to Hollywood, Monte, a mutt, has left his dog days behind and is now living the American dream, being cast as the lead in one of the most anticipated movies of the year.

We at Bright Side can’t get over how heartwarming Monte’s story is so we have decided to share it with you.

In 2018, Disney officially announced that it was working on a live-action adaptation of the 1955 musical romance movie and the search for dogs began. But, instead of holding a casting call for trained and groomed dogs, the media giant decided to cast a shelter dog for the role of Tramp and that’s when Monte was discovered.

Monte spent the early months of his life in a kill shelter in New Mexico, waiting to be adopted, but that day never came. Luckily, before the poor dog’s time ran out, he was spotted by an animal rescue foundation called HALO Animal Rescue who saved him from being euthanized.

While Monte was at his new shelter, he was discovered by a professional trainer who was looking for a shelter dog to be cast in the Disney movie for the role of Tramp. It was love at first sight and not only did he choose the mutt for the part, but he also adopted and trained him for the movie.

Left to die once, Monte has so much love to give that even Justin Theroux, who voices him in the movie, cannot get enough of his cuteness. The 48-year-old actor took to his Instagram to share the dog’s inspiring story with the world and urged everybody to adopt instead of buying pets.

The post has since received a lot of reactions and the internet is in love with real-life Tramp who is probably a mix between Airedale terrier and Schnauzer. Justin also revealed that Disney used a lot of other rescue dogs in the making of Lady and the Tramp in an attempt to inspire people to save animals from kill shelters instead of shopping for them and encouraging breeding.

And it’s working. Thousands of people have come forward to echo Disney’s thoughts, promoting the adoption of animals in need. On average, more than 1.5 million animals living in shelters are euthanized globally, every year. The stats are heartbreaking, but true.

Monte the Tramp got his happy ending, but there are many others just waiting in kill shelters to get adopted before they are forced to meet with their untimely deaths. A little kindness on your part can save a poor animal’s life and believe us, contrary to what others say, rescue dogs actually have a LOT of love to give. Give them a chance.

Have you ever rescued an animal? Do you have pets at home? Share the stories of your furry buddies with us in the comments and don’t forget to add a picture!


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