Science Reveals 9 Good Things That May Happen in Your Life When You Turn 40

3 years ago

We’re all used to hearing that our twenties are the best years of our lives, but maybe that’s not entirely true. Our forties are a very strong contender of being some of the best years of our lives, as they can be happier and even richer. We can find more time for hobbies and do things that we want without stressing about work as much as we used to.

Bright Side is here to prove these claims to you and to hopefully make you a little extra optimistic about the big 40. We’ve also prepared a few bonus pictures that show how you can look your best in your forties.

1. You’re better with money.

Money can be the cause of a lot of stress and problems for people, but thankfully, at the age of 40 and older, that’s something you might worry less about. According to data from the Federal Reserve, the median net worth of adults between the ages of 45 and 54 is $130,000 and rising. What’s even more curious is that according to data from PayScale, women start to reach their peak earnings at the age of 44, while for men, it’s at 55.

2. You spend less time on social media and make better use of time.

Everybody knows how time-consuming social media can be and how easy it is to spend hours upon hours scrolling through the same few apps. People in their forties, however, tend to do that a lot less and can manage their time better and make good use of it. According to data from Pew Research Center, adults in their forties tend to use social media a lot less than younger people, and 56% of them also said that it wouldn’t be hard to give it up for good.

3. You have a better work-life balance.

Work-life balance comes up in pretty much every conversation nowadays, and someone saying they have the perfect work-life balance is a rare thing. But it turns out that it isn’t that rare if you’re between the ages of 34 and 44, according to a poll by YouGov. It shows that 57% of professionals between these ages are happy with the balance of their work and personal lives.

4. You need less sleep.

Another good thing about being in your forties is the fact that your body requires less sleep than when you were younger. According to a study published in the journal, Sleep, adults between the ages of 40 and 55 sleep around 23 minutes less than adults in their twenties and thirties. That might not seem like much, but combined with your better use of time, you could get things done or sneak in a quick workout.

5. Your relationship is likely happy and healthy.

Marriage is a big step for a lot of people, and naturally, there is often fear about how married life will be. However, contrary to popular belief, it’s never too late to get married. In fact, according to this study, marrying late is best for lasting happiness. The results of the survey showed that people who married at the same age as or later than their peers showed higher levels of happiness and self-esteem, as well as less depression than those who married earlier.

6. You’re more confident.

Confidence is something a lot of us may struggle with, and it tends to happen when we’re younger and are surrounded by all kinds of different beauty or social standards. However, this research by Harvard suggests that our confidence levels approach their peak after we turn 40. This is one of the best benefits of being in your forties, as being happy with who you are should be something that happens throughout our whole lives, not just in one period of it.

7. Giving birth at an older age might help you live longer.

Waiting to have a child until you’re ready has its benefits, even if it means you’d be in your thirties. This study, which was published in the journal, Menopause, suggests women who had their last child beyond age 33 had twice the chance of reaching their nineties compared to women who had their last child by the age of 29.

8. You’re more focused and can concentrate.

Another quite important perk of being 40, if you ask us, is the ability to be more focused and able to concentrate. According to research in the journal, Psychological Science, your attention span reaches its peak when you’re around age 43. We worry less about meaningless distractions and focus more on things that matter to us, which makes us more productive.

9. You continue to improve yourself mentally.

We never stop learning and improving ourselves, even if we don’t realize it. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, older adults spend more time reading than younger people. All of that reading has many benefits for us and is directly connected to our ability to better express ourselves. This study by Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital suggests that people’s vocabulary constantly improves throughout their forties and is on the verge of peaking before finally hitting its limit in their sixties.

Bonus: Here’s proof that you can look great in your forties!

What are you most looking forward to about your forties? And if you’re already there, what is the best thing about that age, in your opinion?


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you don't believe it until your older how things change yet you'll always still feel young in your head. when I turned 30 I truly grew up. yet still immature lol. When I was a kid and looked at my parents in their 30s I thought it was so grown up. I don't feel like that.


Now that I am in my 40's I am much wiser than I was.... like now I know my mother was always right!! Now I have a teenage daughter myself I get to feel how my mother did with me!! 😄


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