Selena Gomez’s Fashion Fiasco Sparks Controversy and “Worst Dressed” Label at the 2024 Golden Globes

5 months ago

Selena Gomez always grabs people’s attention when she shows up on the red carpet. At the Golden Globes this year, she rocked a striking ruby-red outfit that got people talking. Even though she had a little wardrobe slip-up, Gomez still looked amazing and impressed us all by handling it like a total boss.

She looked stunning in red.

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At the 2024 Golden Globes, Selena Gomez, who is 31 years old, looked fabulous in a vibrant red Giorgio Armani dress that had stylish black accents. She paired it with matching red heels, and the dress featured eye-catching cutouts and black floral decorations in an asymmetrical design.

To add to the glamour, Gomez accessorized with dazzling diamond bracelets and statement earrings, perfectly completing the look with a chic top-knot hairstyle.

But still, her dress sparked debate online.

Despite being nominated for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy Television show, the beloved star confidently shone at the event. However, her “enormously puffy” gown received criticism, earning her a spot on the “Worst Dressed” list according to some opinions.

Online discussions suggested that the outfit might not have been the most flattering choice for her. Someone said the dress seemed to be squeezing her underarms, not a good fit for someone with a fuller figure. Another person mentioned the dress looked like something from Project Runway, and ’not in a good way.’

@broadimage/Broad Image/East News, @broadimage/Broad Image/East News

Fans were quick to shower Selena Gomez with love and admiration, praising her appearance with heartfelt enthusiasm. One fan said that Gomez truly embodies elegance, seamlessly blending classic Hollywood glamour with a contemporary flair at the Golden Globes. Another fan, filled with joy, remarked she [Selena] is absolutely radiant and her happiness is just contagious.

There was a little hiccup with her outfit.

As Selena posed for the swarm of cameras on the glitzy red carpet, she had a Marilyn Monroe moment when her red outfit lifted, giving a peek of her leg. But she handled it like a total pro, expertly handling the situation to make sure her dress stayed put, avoiding any potential wardrobe malfunctions.

MICHAEL TRAN/AFP/East News, @broadimage/Broad Image/East News

We just can’t get over how Selena rocks the red carpet and exudes beauty and confidence. Even at the recent Golden Globes, she faced some unfair criticism about her appearance, but she handled it with such grace that it only made us admire her more.

Preview photo credit @broadimage/Broad Image/East News, MICHAEL TRAN/AFP/East News


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