“She’s Given Me a Third Life” Dick Van Dyke and His Wife Prove That a 46-Year Age Gap Only Makes Their Love Stronger

2 years ago

The actor, comedian, dancer, and singer Dick Van Dyke is now 95 years old. But despite his age, Dick has managed to preserve his dance moves, and apparently his charm as well, because 9 years ago he put a ring on Arlene Silver’s finger who is 46 years younger than him.

We at Bright Side believe that when it comes to love — calories, partners, and age shouldn’t be counted. And Dick and Arlene’s love convinced us of this even more.

Dick and Arlene believe that they have a fairytale-like marriage.

Before Arlene met Dick, she was a makeup artist at the SAG Awards, but everything she did was behind the scenes. However, a few years later she appeared on the red carpet in a beautiful gown with the guest of honor, her future husband, Dick. Just like a fairytale.

But that’s not all that makes their relationship special. They love and care for each other very much, and even though Dick is almost 96, that doesn’t stop him from dancing and singing together with his wife every day.

They started off as friends when they first met in 2006.

Dick had never approached a complete stranger before. But when he first saw Arlene, on instinct alone, he went to say “Hi.” Arlene knew who Dick was but couldn’t recall where she knew him from. She didn’t know that Dick had such a fruitful career, and back then, she had seen none of Dick’s shows, not even Mary Poppins.

A few months after they met, Dick hired Arlene to be a makeup artist in a couple of his Hallmark movies. Despite their age gap, they immediately clicked as friends. But it didn’t take long before romance was born. And once they realized that they were meant for each other they said their fateful “I do” in 2012.

Their 46-year age gap never stood in the way of their love.

Over the years, Dick and Arlene became inseparable. And for them, their age difference was never a problem. “I’m emotionally immature and Arlene is very wise for her age, so we meet in the middle.” Dick even revealed that Arlene was a delightful woman with great patience. “She’s given me a third life, and I’m tickled to death with it.

For Arlene, Dick is her prince charming.

Arlene had never been married before, and none of her former relationships had worked out. In her words, she had to go through a lot of frogs to get her prince. “He’s the perfect human being, but he’s also the perfect partner. He makes me feel like I can do anything. He’s my biggest fan. He just believes in me.”

As for Dick, marrying Arlene was the smartest move he ever made.

Arlene makes Dick very happy. She takes good care of him, cooks for him, and does everything in her power to hopefully help him live past the age of 110. “I married somebody half my age and everybody thought I was crazy, but she is just an absolute angel,” revealed Dick.

What do you think about Arlene and Dick’s relationship? What are your thoughts on marrying someone half your age?


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