“Someone’s Gonna Die!”: Macaulay Culkin Nearly Gave Up on Love, but Brenda Song Gave His Life a New Meaning

The sweet and playful kid from Home Alone is all grown up now. We barely blinked, and he’s already entered his 40s and become a father. Things seem to be going swimmingly for the ’90s child star these days, but it hasn’t always been like this.

So who’s the woman who helped Culkin turn his life around? Let us introduce you to the love story between Macaulay Culkin and Brenda Song.

Culkin has had his share of failed relationships.

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Macaulay Culkin had a long streak of bad luck starting in the late 1990s. It was defined not only by a lack of career opportunities, but also by his fickle love life. In 1998, Culkin married actress Rachel Miner, both were 18 at the time. The couple didn’t last long, separating in 2000, and, ultimately, legally ended their marriage in 2002.

That same year he went through a divorce, he got involved with Mila Kunis, who was, at the time, shining on That 70’s Show. At first, it seemed like Mila and Macaulay would be each other’s end game. However, in January of 2011, the couple announced that they’d separated.

Macaulay doubted he and Brenda would last.

After his split from Kunis, it seemed that Culkin had pretty much given up on love. That was until 2017, when he met Brenda Song while filming Changeland. The film’s director, Seth Green, would later go on to say that he “didn’t see [their relationship] coming.” But Brenda and Macaulay hit it off very quickly, it especially helped that the 2 were both child stars and they bonded over that fact. As Song explained: “Child actors, we don’t even get to talk about it, you just look each other in the eye, and you nod, and we know.

Apparently, their relationship was blossoming so smoothly that Macaulay couldn’t believe that the whole thing wouldn’t go up in flames. As he mentioned: “And it’s always gonna drop. Something bad’s gonna happen. Someone’s gonna die!” But fate had other plans for the new lovers.

The couple knew they wanted to start a family right away.

Just about a year after Macaulay and Brenda started going out, Culkin shared that he’s in for the long haul with his newfound love. He made it especially clear that he can’t wait to become a parent with her: “This one’s a good one, so I’m probably going to put some babies in her in a little bit.

And while babies were still in development, the happy couple surrounded themselves with pets, to have someone fill the household. By 2020, Macaulay and Brenda shared 2 cats, a dog, a fish, and a parrot.

Brenda showers Macaulay with love at every opportunity.

One of the loveliest things about their relationship, is how genuine it seems to be. Song often posts sweet things about “Mack” on her Instagram, and she overdid herself with a heartwarming post on his 40th birthday.

The post read: “Happy 40th birthday to this magical being. I could sit here and write endlessly about how wonderful, kind, loving, genuine, loyal, honest, brilliant, and hilarious you are, and how grateful I am that I get to share and do this life thing with you... My unicorn that I never thought could exist, I am the luckiest person in the world because I am loved by you.

Their ’happily ever after’ together is only just beginning.

Finally, on April 5th, 2021, Brenda Song gave birth to her and Macaulay’s first child together, a boy named Dakota in honor of Culkin’s late sister. Being first-time parents brought them a lot of joy, but also some hardships.

However, the couple seems to have found their rhythm, as Song shared: “Being communicative when you need help is so important. Instead of having set duties, we just feel each other out. I’ll be putting my son down and my partner is like, ’Let me feed the animals and get dinner ready.’”

The couple has an exciting future ahead of them, as sources announced that Macaulay and Brenda were engaged to be married at the beginning of 2022: “Macaulay and Brenda have loved being together as a family since welcoming Dakota. The engagement is the natural next step for them. They are excited for their future together.

We wish them all the happiness in the world and can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.

How long did you wait until getting married to your partner? Would you have a child with them before getting engaged?


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