Stunning Nicole Kidman Causes a Stir in New Bold Style, as Some Say She’s «Trying to Look 30»

3 months ago

Nicole Kidman is even more stunning than usual after making a drastic change to her look. The 56-year-old star has shared her new cut and hair color on her Instagram, and the look has created a major buzz.

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The Moulin Rouge actress has recently shared two photos of her looking gorgeous in her shorter and blonder hair.

The post showed her in a black leather jacket, and she captioned it with a single black heart emoji.

Fans were quick to praise Kidman’s bold new look, and the post quickly gathered more than 130k likes. One person noted, «This hair is brilliant,» while another wrote, «Eternal Beauty Nicole Kidman.» A third added, «Best haircut ever on you, Nicole!»

But as with anything in life, opinions differ, and not everyone was as enthusiastic about the star’s new appearance. One person suggested that she was «trying to look 30 [...],» while another wrote, «I love her and HATE her haircut!» A third person exclaimed, «Doesn’t even look like her!»

Vianney Le Caer/Invision/East News

We believe that Nicole Kidman is stunning no matter what style she chooses, and her biggest asset is her confidence and undeniable poise. Recently, the star has been featured in a daring photoshoot that has divided opinions. Check it out here.

Preview photo credit Vianney Le Caer/Invision/East News, nicolekidman / Instagram


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She is allowed to choose for herself how she wants to look and as such it's no one else's business how she looks. She likes it = end of the story


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