Madonna Falls Off a Chair During Concert Stunt, Gets Criticised

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65-year-old Madonna suffered an awkward fall while performing at her concert. The global pop sensation fell off a chair while performing in front of thousands of fans when pulling a stunt with a male backup dancer in high heels.

Madonna’s unfortunate stage mishap.

Pop icon Madonna recently faced a dramatic moment during her “Celebration” tour in Seattle. The incident, which occurred at the Climate Pledge Arena, involved a fall while she was performing on stage her song Open Your Heart.

The stage slip-up.

During a performance, a video captured a backup dancer carrying Madonna on a chair across the stage, running across. Unfortunately, the dancer tripped on his heels, causing both of them to fall. However, Madonna quickly picked herself up and resumed her performance, showing her professionalism and dedication to her fans.

This isn’t the first time Madonna has faced an accident on stage. In 2015, at the BRIT Awards, she fell down a flight of stairs due to a wardrobe malfunction. Despite these setbacks, Madonna’s commitment to her art and her audience remains unwavering.

The incident gathered both praise and concern.

Fans could not help but praise how Madonna laughed it off and continued singing without pausing to catch her breath. However, some are not too happy about how things happened. Many people questioned safety and why a dancer was made to pull such a stunt while running in high pencil heels. Some accused the singer of lip-syncing during the concert, “she never missed a beat during the song, even when she stopped ‘singing’. Looks as though she might lip sync most of her concert.”

Another famous celebrity who made headlines for her performance recently is Paris Hilton, who received mixed reactions for her ramp walk. Read about it here.

Preview photo credit kroogi / Youtube


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