Taylor Swift Rips Her Dress in the Middle of Her Concert, and People Are Disappointed

3 weeks ago

Taylor Swift had a wardrobe slip-up on stage during her Eras Tour show in Sweden. She dealt with it like a pro, but some people weren’t happy about it.

Taylor Swift had a minor wardrobe malfunction while performing on stage. A video shared on social media shows Swift on the third night of her Eras Tour stop at Friends Arena in Stockholm, Sweden, adjusting a mic pack attached to the back of her outfit during the surprise songs section of her show. The 34-year-old pop star dealt with a sound and a wardrobe malfunction like a pro: she confidently untied her entire blue dress onstage to fix the issue.

She even joked with the audience about her mic pack “coming undone” and asked them to “just talk amongst yourselves” for a sec. Then, she moved to another spot on stage, opened up her dress, and fixed the problem, revealing her costume from “I Can Do It With a Broken Heart” underneath. Finally, a crew member came to her rescue, and she got back into the show’s groove, even throwing in a silly little dance for good measure.

Despite Swift’s mesmerizing performance, which was met with enthusiastic cheers and singalongs, many people who saw the video expressed dissatisfaction with the dress mishap. “Her shorts look like a diaper. So unflattering,” commented one social media user. Similarly, another person wrote, “Those look like granny panties.”

“Oldest trick in the book to get attention,” the criticism continued, with some suggesting that Swift may have intentionally allowed her dress to come undone. “It looks intentional,” remarked one, while another added, “Well, she is used to taking her clothes off.”

Despite the criticism, Swift’s devoted fans rushed to her defense. “It happens! She handled it with grace,” commented one fan. Another supporter remarked, “Whatever she was wearing under it was nice too.”

During Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, there was another dramatic moment when she had trouble performing on stage.


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