The 7 Most Wished For Home Appliances That You Can Buy at a Good Discount Right Now

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Household appliances make cleaning and cooking easier and more enjoyable but can sometimes be costly. Luckily, on Amazon Warehouse you can find kitchen gadgets and cleaning appliances with appealing discounts. The returned products are thoroughly inspected before being sold again, so you can be sure you are buying high-quality items. From smoothie makers to steam mops, here you can find a bunch of cool products that will make your life easier and less stressful.

We at Bright Side searched Amazon Warehouse for the most appealing deals and found 7 popular household items with an avalanche of good reviews that you can buy on sale right now.

1. Smoothie maker with 2 portable blending bottles that will let you enjoy your favorite drinks on the go. Powerful 300W motor blends frozen berries and ice easily. Thanks to the item’s smart design, blending occurs in the top part of the bottle while nothing gathers at its base.

Make healthy and tasty smoothies every day with no mess or stress. You can prepare 2 smoothies at a time, because the package includes 2 portable bottles. Bottles and blades are easy to clean and dishwasher-safe.

Promising review: I bought this as a present for my daughter. She really enjoys using it and likes experimenting with different recipes. She uses frozen berries and the blender handles that well. The fact that you can then drink out of the blender container is really helpful. Overall, it seems like a great blender for a good price. @Joy Kluver

Buy the smoothie maker HERE

Recipe: Quick smoothie for breakfast

1 banana
1 tbsp oats
Soft fruit (a bunch of berries or a piece of mango will work well)
1 tsp honey

Put all the ingredients in a blender or smoothie maker and whizz until it’s smooth. Serve your smoothie in glasses.

2. Air fryer with rapid air circulation that will let you use up to 99% less fat while cooking, making your meals healthier. Rapid air circulation creates crispy texture and the food is cooked faster. You can also choose different ways to cook your meal: you can fry, roast, grill, or bake.

Key features:

  • 1500W output
  • 60-min digital timer
  • Little to no oil required
  • Automatic switch off for your safety

Promising review: Very easy to clean. Wash in hot soapy water or just wipe with a clean cloth. Brilliant for fish and chips, better than in the oven. Fantastic jacket potatoes too. I don’t bother putting the oven on, it’s quicker to do it in the air fryer. Ideal if you live on your own. @Ms Linda F Axon

Buy the air fryer HERE

Recipe: Potatoes baked in air fryer

Baking potatoes
Sunflower oil
Toppings of your choice (butter, cheese, mayonnaise, etc.)

Scrub potatoes and dry them with paper towels. Drizzle over some oil and rub it into the potatoes’ skin. Season with salt and pepper. Place the potatoes into the air fryer. Cook the potatoes according to your air fryer’s settings. When the potatoes are ready, their skin should be crispy, while the inside should be tender. Cut the potatoes and serve them right away with the toppings of your choice.

3. Capsule coffee machine that can make over 40 beverage varieties. Just one easy move and you can make any cold or hot drink you want. All coffee grinds stay in the pods, so the machine can be cleaned easily with no mess.

The machine is energy-saving and it automatically switches off after 1 minute. The drip tray is adjustable and suitable for different cup sizes.

Promising review: I love this small compact coffee machine, It’s the perfect size to fit in the corner of the kitchen and looks incredibly modern. It comes out at the perfect temperature and fills the cup in seconds.
Highly recommend this lovely machine! It’s what got me into coffee! Doesn’t drip after use, not messy, and the water container holds up to 2/3 mugs which is fab as you’d want to refresh the water after a few hours anyway so wouldn’t need any bigger! The pods for this machine are affordable and taste far better than any machine pods I’ve tried to date. Delicious and affordable, what more could you want! @Mrs m hirst

Buy the capsule coffee machine HERE

4. Toastie maker with removable non-stick plates, which make cleaning super easy. Thanks to its cut and seal system, the machine can cook triangular sandwiches and toasties with the filling sealed inside.

There’s a built-in ready-to-cook indicator that ensures the appliance is hot enough to be used. The toastie maker stands upright for compact storage and has a built-in cord storage unit.

Promising review: Great little unit for making toasties and makes all the difference having the removable plates to be able to clean easily. A great product and easy to use: just plug it in and wait for the lights to come on. Sandwiches come out sealed and piping hot. @kevin dooley

Buy the toastie maker HERE

5. Compact dehumidifier that will efficiently eliminate dampness and moisture in your home. It’s space-saving, lightweight, and whisper quiet. The device also helps improve the air quality by removing mold spores and dust mites that can trigger allergies.

The automatic shut-off function will let you know when the water tank is full and needs draining. It can be used in bedrooms, offices, bathrooms, basements, cupboards, and wardrobes.

Promising review: My room has had bad damp/mold issues for quite a while. I messed about with temporary disposable dehumidifiers but decided to go for this more permanent approach. I can honestly say I’m very glad I did it, this product is consistently good, resulting in my room being pretty much damp-free. It’s quiet and compact, so it is pretty discreet. I use it while I work from home and it made my mold issues disappear. @Jamesc11

Buy the dehumidifier HERE

6. Makeup mirror with lights that is adjustable to many angles for your convenience. It comes together with a small detachable 10x magnifying mirror that will let you see the tiniest details while doing makeup. It’s portable, lightweight, and cordless (powered by 4 AA batteries).

The bright LED lights will ensure a clear reflection, just what you need for high-quality makeup. The mirror has an On/Off switch and a touch sensor switch for your convenience.

Promising review: I purchased this mirror to do my makeup with, and I couldn’t have picked a better one. It’s battery-powered with an On and Off switch at the back, meaning you aren’t wasting the battery when it isn’t in use. It arrived promptly after I ordered it. The mirror itself is very sturdy and is easy to rotate as described. It came with a 10x small mirror, great for doing eyebrows with! Overall very content with this product, would recommend to others. @Hadiqah Hussein

Buy the makeup mirror with light HERE

7. Steam mop for cleaning all types of floors, including tiles, vinyl, wood, and laminate. The mop comes together with 2 microfiber pads and a carpet glider for refreshing your carpets. Its long cord ensures a wide operating radius for your convenience.

Variable steam settings will let you control the steam strength to meet different cleaning needs. The mop heats up in only 15 seconds, making the cleaning process faster. It can efficiently eliminate bacteria without any cleaning chemicals.

Promising review: Brilliant! So much easier than scrubbing floors on your hands and knees.
Cleans really well. Temperature and steam output are easy to regulate, and the long cable is a bonus. The mop head is flexible, so it can get into corners. Use on vinyl, laminate, rubber, and, with care, it can also be used to revive carpets. @MEM

Buy the steam mop HERE

Which household appliances have you bought recently? Are you happy with the purchase? Why?

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