The Best 7 Movie Couples According to Ordinary People

8 months ago

There are many romantic movies and great love stories, but these 7 movie couples are incredibly charming. The plots aren’t even about the lovey-dovey stuff — instead, it’s action, adventure, or comedy. Nevertheless, these couples captured our attention so intensely that the main plot was left in the background.

7. Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger (Harry Potter series)

Their love was natural and gradual, it’s not like they were swept away by each other the minute they saw each other. They even disliked each other in the beginning. They are opposites, but according to the law of attraction, they end up together. Sorry, Hermione-Harry fans!

  • Ron and Hermione have realistic love. Harry Potter isn’t a romance-fueled series, but this was the best side plot. Even though they didn’t kiss after 200 pages, there was subtlety.
    Unknown author / thetoptens
  • What makes this couple so special is their romance plot expands over 7 years, not a fake 7 years but a real one along with the actor and actress as they grow up. It made it so real and gave their love great depth.
    Unknown author / thetoptens

6. Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann (Pirates of the Caribbean)

Will and Elizabeth’s relationship is unlike any other. They first met when Elizabeth found Will floating in the open sea. Their love story has never been straightforward. It seems like they faced challenges that tried to keep them apart every step of the way. However, they overcame all obstacles and proved their love was strong and enduring.

  • This couple makes me feel so strongly for them! Every time I think about them, I want to cry because of all the cruelty and unfairness they experienced. They’re so beautiful together and have such chemistry. They fought so hard protecting each other. All they wanted — was to be together. Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightly created wonderful characters! I hate the ending! Disney, bring them back and set things right!
    Unknown author / thetoptens
  • Despite all Will and Elizabeth went through. They still stayed together. Elizabeth was willing to wait 10 years for him! From childhood to adulthood. They were loyal. Elizabeth defied society to be with Will. They rock!
    Unknown author / thetoptens

5. Peter Parker and Mary Jane (Spider-Man: Far From Home)

The relationship can be described as awkward, shy, and a bit uncomfortable, but still cute. It makes sense because the characters are teens. They support each other despite having lots of struggles and disappointments. They both mature, and their development is impressive.

  • Personally, I didn’t feel like there was a single moment where it was too over the top, which makes me really happy. They had some good moments, and this MJ felt like the one we know from the comics with how she’s always in Peter’s corner and is there to support him, and accepts “the life” that comes with him being Spider-Man.
    The-Dovah / Reddit
  • People say they don’t see the beginning for them, but I think it’s pretty obvious MJ has a crush on Peter in homecoming. Not to mention that they are teenagers. Love happens fast for teenagers.
    WhateverIWant888 / Reddit

4. John and Jane (Mr. & Mrs. Smith)

Although the main characters had a stormy relationship and had to do marriage counseling, the chemistry between the 2 still impressed viewers. The 2 have very different personalities, and a dramatic recovery from monotony is what develops the story in the most entertaining way.

  • When I saw the movie, I was young and had never seen either of the 2 of them in anything at all and didn’t even know their names. But I did know they were fantastic together.
    Lyfultruth / Reddit

3. Baby Houseman and Johnny Castle (Dirty Dancing)

Take 2 stunning people like Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze, add some steamy dance moves, and you’ve got a movie (and a couple) that will be forever ingrained in our memories. The magnetic dancing and risking everything for love make the movie especially captivating.

  • Dirty Dancing is the definition of on-screen chemistry. Re-watching it really emphasizes how sanitized and cold, so many contemporary movie couples are.
    abirdofthesky / Reddit
  • The romantic story is realistic and very much encapsulates a true summer fling. Jennifer Grey is not the typical ‘pretty’ main female character. The underlying theme of the class structure is truly a game-changer for me too. The whole movie speaks to you on some level, no matter who you are.
    Precariousme183 / Reddit

2. Gomez and Morticia Addams (The Addams Family)

Gomez and Morticia are one of the most romantic couples. They have that gothic vibe going on and represent everything you want to include in a love story. Their love is intense, and they’re incredibly loyal to each other. Besides, they’re great at communicating with each other, which makes their relationship even stronger.

  • Let’s be real here. These 2 were amazing together, and since I’ve watched their movies, I have wanted a relationship as perfect, though perhaps not as morbid, as theirs. They just bounce off each other so well.
    Lyfultruth / Reddit

1. Sebastian and Mia (La La Land)

Sebastian and Mia’s relationship is one of the most mature love stories. That’s why so many people consider them one of the best couples. The characters are both into music, and they click really well. They both give each other enough space to pursue their passions and cheer each other up. It ended on a bit of a sour note, but that’s what makes the relationship so fascinating.

  • The ending just kinda made their relationship in the movie way more interesting/heartbreaking. God, I love La La Land.
    Nitsua-Nat / Reddit

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