The Cruelest Kind of Revenge

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Revenge can manifest in various shapes and forms, but one of the cruelest is when it impacts our children. Emma and Theo both felt immensely guilty because of their affair, especially since Theo’s wife Julie was Emma’s best friend. Theo left her for Emma once she got pregnant, but they had no idea that their reality was about to get crushed in the most horrific way imaginable.

After a complicated birth, Emma held her baby for the first time. Even though he was different, she swore to love and protect him, but she feared Theo’s reaction...

“Promise me you won’t go back to her,” Emma begged Theo, her eyes brimming with tears as she held their newborn for the first time.

A few hours ago, she had given birth to their son, but their immense joy had turned into surprise as the nurse delivered a tiny child with Down syndrome.

Yes, their baby was different, but he was perfect in Emma’s eyes — a blessing.

This child was the fruit of their forbidden love. The love that made Theo leave his wife, Julie, who was Emma’s best friend.

Theo’s face showed shock as he held their child whom he had anticipated with excitement.
“I won’t,” he whispered shakily, determination in his voice as he looked at their boy’s face. “This is our cherished son. We’ll love him no matter what.

As time passed, Theo grew colder...

Months went by, and Emma showered their beautiful boy with her love. He was a blessing, even though he demanded extra care and attention.

But she also made sure to keep Theo happy. But with each passing day, he grew more distant, coming home late, avoiding spending time with their child, and rejecting her tender touch.

One rainy December evening, amidst the baby’s relentless cries, Theo erupted, “I can’t bear this anymore!

“He’s your son too, Theo!” Emma exclaimed. “We were supposed to be there for each other. You can’t abandon me like this. I need you.”

Frantically, Theo shut the door behind him and fled.

On that faithful night, Emma’s world fell apart...

Consumed by anxiety, Emma secretly followed Theo that night, her fears confirmed as she witnessed him entering a dimly lit restaurant where his ex-wife, Julie, awaited.

Frozen, she observed through the window for an agonizing hour as Julie offered solace, intimately caressing Theo’s hands and face. They finally shared a passionate kiss before Theo left the restaurant.

Summoning courage, Emma confronted Julie, tears streaming down her cheeks.

“You can’t destroy us,” she pleaded. “He’s with me now, and we have a child together. Leave him be!”

Julie’s smirk cut through Emma’s despair. “And did you think of me when you destroyed my family?” she retorted.

“We were ending things. Finding out I was pregnant changed everything,” Emma confessed.

Julie’s laughter rang hollow. “Blame the child, then?” she jeered. “You’re clueless. The child isn’t even yours!

Emma’s world shattered as she struggled to catch her breath. “What do you mean?” she gasped. Julie’s revelation pierced her soul.

With an evil smile, Julie explained, ’’You see, that day in the hospital, you gave birth to a healthy baby boy.’’

To Emma’s horror, Julie continued, ’’But I arranged to swap him with another newborn.’’

She added, ’’Now you will never be able to find your boy. He’s been taken somewhere far away from you to another continent, and he will never meet you or know about you.’’

With cruel finality, Julie declared, “Now your family’s ruined, just like mine. How does it feel?”

Every mother knows that the moment she gives birth to her child, her life changes forever. But some childbirth stories are more memorable than others, and the ones here prove it.


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