The Dilts Pyramid Will Explain Why You Have What You Have Right Now

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7 months ago

We all have different lives: some are successful, and some fail to straighten things out. Life coaches use certain schemes to raise your awareness about your life issues. The Dilts pyramid is a model of personal change that goes from one level to another. Changing something on a higher level would necessarily change things on the lower levels.

Bright Side wants to share the Dilts pyramid principle with you. When understood correctly, it can change your life for the better.

The meaning of the pyramid

The Dilts pyramid of logical levels is a concept that absolutely everyone should know and understand. There are at least 2 good reasons for this:

  • The possibility to analyze your life — analysis through the questions in the pyramid can help you figure out certain things in life that influence your way.
  • The chance to influence your life — as soon as you figure out what your main problems are, you’ll have a clear understanding of what to do to make life take a good turn.

The pyramid levels

Before we proceed with the explanation of the pyramid levels and start looking for answers, you should know the main trick: the answer to the question of every level can be found at the level above.

Level 1: What do I have?

The question of this level is directly linked to chores, finances, family, and everything that’s connected to your environment. A reasonable question here is: Why do you have all the things that you have? And to give the answer to this question, you need to move to the level above.

Level 2: What do I do?

The question of this level is, obviously, connected to certain actions. It’s logical that the actions influence everything we have at the end of it all. The smart thing is to think about why we do what we do. The answer to this can be found at the next level.

Level 3: How do I choose?

Certainly, the choices we make play an important role in our lives. Different factors can influence our choices: goals, a state of health, the level of passion, etc. But here we also have another question to answer: Why do we choose what we choose? Traditionally, the answer to this can be found a step above.

Level 4: What do I believe in?

Here it is a matter of the beliefs of a certain person. For example, if you believe that everything can be achieved effortlessly, you won’t try too hard to achieve it. However, if you believe that everything requires a lot of effort, you’ll do your best to achieve your goal. But why do we believe in what we believe?

Level 5: Who am I?

As the level name suggests, this is an issue of self-consciousness and self-understanding (these concepts determine our beliefs). It’s very important to make realistic judgments about yourself and avoid diminishing strengths and hiding your flaws.

Level 6: Why am I alive?

The last level concerns the most important concept — the meaning of life. It’s crucial for everyone to have a mission that they go through life with. It should not contradict yourself, your beliefs, choices, or actions.

Therefore, if you find the right answers to the questions stated above, you’ll identify all of the gaps in your life. As you know, it’s much easier to improve yourself when you know what your weak spots are. Honest answers to the Dilts pyramid questions can help you improve your life for the better.

Try to figure out what’s going on in your life, and answer the questions level by level. Share your results and opinions with us in the comments.

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