Meet the 53-Year-Old Pole-Dancing Grandma Who Says Her Life Began at 50

8 months ago

Some people might think that pole dancing is only for young women, but one grandma from Florida is proving them wrong. Kerry Burnett, 53, says that she is in the best shape of her life since she started pole dancing 3 years ago.

Her new life began when she discovered the pole.

She’s not only in the prime of her fitness, but she also earns a living teaching others the art of dance. Burnett opened up about her transformative journey, declaring, “It was so late in life, but it was the first time I ever felt good inside and out.

With unwavering honesty, she shared her profound sense of fulfillment, attributing her newfound happiness to a twist of fate. “I feel like fate really put this in my path, not only to recover my body but to get rid of the negativity that comes with it,” she added, embodying a spirit of resilience and self-discovery that continues to inspire many.

She dreamt of being a dancer.

In a candid recounting of her early struggles, celebrated entertainer Burnett revealed the harrowing battle she waged against an eating disorder. From a tender age, Burnett harbored dreams of a dancing career, aspirations that were ruthlessly crushed when she was deemed to be outside of society’s narrow beauty standards during her time at stage school. Recollecting those painful moments, she disclosed, “I was having to spend my day in a leotard, and I was so conscious of my weight, everyone was always talking about me, and it really started to affect me.”

She tried to stick to restrictive diets in vain.

In a desperate attempt to conform to societal pressures, Burnett resorted to extreme measures, recalling the advice she received: to simply “eat cabbage” and “drink water.” Struggling to adhere to such a stark regimen, she confessed, “I tried to do it, but I was starving, so then I just started eating and eating.” Her narrative serves as a poignant reminder of the profound impact body image pressures can have, even on the brightest of talents.

She began pole dancing at 47.

In a remarkable turn of events, Burnett’s life took a transformative leap for the better upon discovering the world of gym and pole dancing, a passion that proved to be a powerful catalyst for change. Embracing this unconventional fitness journey at the age of 47, Burnett initially hesitated, plagued by the common fear that she might be too old to venture into the realm of pole dancing.

However, defying her apprehensions, Burnett decided to tick off a unique item from her bucket list and attended her first pole dancing class. What she found there was a community that embraced diversity and celebrated individuality. Reflecting on that pivotal moment, she revealed, “I was only going to do one class, but the class was so refreshing and non-judgmental, and there were all different body sizes, so I stayed, and I’m 53 now at the strongest I’ve ever been.

She turned her hobby into a career.

Describing pole dancing as both the “hardest” and “most addictive” endeavor she has ever pursued, Burnett’s enthusiasm for this art form knows no bounds. In an unexpected twist, she not only honed her skills but also delved into the competitive arena of pole dancing, defying societal norms and expectations.

I’ve started to actually perform pole shows since then too, which if you told me I’d be doing when I first started, I’d say no way, but this is my career now, and I get to travel the world doing it,” Burnett shared, her excitement palpable. Through her inspiring journey, she has shattered stereotypes, proving that age is no barrier to pursuing one’s passion and finding newfound strength, both physically and mentally.

With the vibrant energy of the pole-dancing grandma still echoing in our hearts, our exploration continues. In this upcoming tale, meet a 61-year-old grandmother who defied the odds, reshaping her body and spirit in a mere 7 years. Prepare yourself for a story that will challenge your beliefs and inspire your soul, reminding us all that it’s never too late for a transformative journey.


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