Flight Crew With Mom, Dad, and Their 3 Daughters Took a “Once in a Lifetime” Trip From Iceland to Washington, DC

Children often take over their parents’ companies or establishments. However, this practice hasn’t been as common in the aviation industry until recently. Today, we’re here to cover the unique story of this family who decided to fly all the way from Iceland to Washington, DC, as a family crew.

Passengers of the flight experienced a remarkable journey.

The Jónsson family, who are passionate about flying, took a memorable flight with Captain Ingvar Mar Jónsson at the helm, along with his wife and 3 daughters as the cabin crew. The once-in-a-lifetime experience took them from Iceland to Washington, DC.

“Iceland is a small country, so flying can easily become a family affair,” the airline’s Twitter account stated. The family made a deliberate effort to arrange their schedules to work on the same flight. They approached their employer and asked if it was possible to make the necessary changes to their assignments.

The whole story was an unexpected turn of events.

Captain Jónsson shared that only 3 family members were initially scheduled for the flight. However, his 2 youngest daughters could rearrange their work schedules to join the family experience.

He said, “Since our 2 younger daughters (Ingibjörg and Sigga Marta) started working for the summer as flight attendants, my wife, Sigga Nanna, and our oldest daughter, Nína, thought it might be a good idea to bid for a flight together from Keflavik, Iceland to Washington, DC. Ingvar, Sigga Nanna, and Nína got the flight, but Ingibjörg and Sigga Marta managed to swap flights, so we could all be a part of one crew on August 20th.”

The family took advantage of a 24-hour layover to explore the destination.

During the stopover in Washington, the family added their mother-in-law, as well as Ingibjörg and Marta’s boyfriends, to the trip, making it a larger family outing. The flying family’s story has since become popular on the Internet, gaining attention in Iceland and worldwide.

“A family that flies together stays together!”

Ingvar said, “It is very satisfying to witness our children grow up and become independent and hardworking people.” The man and his wife first met in 1997 while working together on a flight for Icelandair. They fell in love instantly upon meeting, as he says, “It was love at first flight.”

As it turns out, aviation is more than a job for them.

He explained that aviation runs in his wife’s blood, as he revealed, “My wife Sigga Nanna comes from a big aviation family. Her Grandfather, Snorri, and her father, Jon Karl, are retired captains for Icelandair.” The wife has a family history in aviation, with her brother, a captain, his wife, a flight attendant, and her sister who works as a flight attendant. They are employed by Icelandair, an established airline founded in 1937.

Preview photo credit Hörður Eydal / Facebook


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