The Story of a Guy Who Started His Very Own Business Despite Nobody Wanting Him

2 years ago

When you can’t find a job, create one. Does that sound too ambitious? Well, it doesn’t for Michael Coyne who has autism, bipolar disorder, and ADHD. He grew tired of being told “no” by employers and took matters into his own hands.

Here at Bright Side, we enjoy stories about people who don’t give up easily and we want to share one gem with you.

Michael used his rejections as motivation.

Michael says that he applied to multiple places, but nobody wanted to hire him. So he chose to not give up and to not get depressed, but to take business classes at the Rhode Island Developmental Disability Center. Once they were over, he and his mother set up a business and opened their own coffee shop: Red White & Brew.

It’s a cozy place that attracts a lot of people. Even though it was opened not so long ago, it’s already gained popularity due to its friendly atmosphere and wonderful service. And do we even need to mention the delicious treats you can find there? In addition to the coffee made from locally roasted coffee beans, visitors can enjoy muffins, truffles, different kinds of pastries, and calzones.

Their goal is to change the way the world sees people with disabilities.

While the system labels people with disabilities and puts up barriers, Michael just wants to show people what they’re capable of. That’s why he is going to hire people with special needs and prove that it isn’t as difficult or costly to integrate these people as many business owners think.

In fact, all you need to do is make some small adjustments. For example, you can get a milk steamer that can shut off automatically or use barcode scanners instead having someone enter prices manually.

The family hopes that this experience will help other people see the situation from a different angle and help those with special needs who’re struggling to find their place. They are just as hardworking as other people, and a job can also help them develop the social skills they need.

Do you agree that there is a lot of prejudice toward people with special needs?

Preview photo credit redwhitebrewri / Facebook


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