The Story of a Man Who Only Wants to Fill His Home With “Unwanted” Animals

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Every year, around 6 million animals in the US alone enter a shelter. But thanks to people like Steve Greig, 75% of them get adopted. However, Steve’s case is rather unique: he adopts only elderly animals to make sure they get to experience the best last years of their lives. As of now, he has over 20 pets, including dogs, rabbits, ducks, a pig, and more.

Steve decided to give a home to elderly pets after losing his dog.

Tragically, Steve lost his beloved dog, Wolfgang, due to a car accident. He noted that he was really close to his pet. This misfortune, however, was the beginning of Steve’s journey of giving dozens of animals a loving home. He decided that the only way he could feel better about his dog’s passing is that if “something happened that wouldn’t have happened if he didn’t die.”

So he went to a local shelter and adopted a 12-year-old dog with a heart condition. He recalled that when he adopted the dog, whom he had named Eeyore, he felt like his “pain was lifted.” Wolfgang had died, but because of that, Eeyore got to live happily. Just like that, Steve started adopting more and more animals.

He says it is rather easy to take care of senior pets.

Steve describes elderly animals as “easy-going” and “grateful to have a loving home.” He noted that he’s never had a dog not fit into the pack, as they all get along really well. Together with their owner, they often go on small walks, watch movies on the couch, and simply spend time with him. The man doesn’t think that he could keep this many younger dogs because they require more energy.

However, being the owner of so many animals also comes with some challenges. Most dogs have different diets, so Steve wakes up at 5 a.m. to prepare food for them. As of right now, he is the owner of 10 dogs, 4 chickens, 2 ducks, a turkey, a pig, and 2 rabbits, and he also has a koi pond.

Having to part with animals is difficult, but Steve is happy with the life he chose.

Since the death of Wolfgang left him completely devastated, you might question how he deals with the passing of his newly adopted pets. Steve has worked out a philosophy for himself — although losing beloved animals is always a sad experience, he still feels happy he was able to provide them with a home at the end of their lives. He said that he needs to “remind himself that it is not about him,” but rather, it’s about how they got to spend the last years of their lives: in a happy, loving home.

His first dog, Eeyore, lived with him for at least 7 years before his passing. That means that he got to live with Steve for around a third of his life, which is quite significant.

Steve started an Instagram account to document his journey and inspired a lot of people.

As of right now, he has 1 million followers that enjoy seeing what’s going on with his pets, and they even help Steve pick names for his new adoptees. He said that the interest in his account grew naturally, and he simply “found out about Instagram, and it seemed like a great platform” without a goal to grow his following. He said that he loves that he inspired more people to adopt senior pets.

He calls his fur family a “wolfgang” on social media.

Would you ever adopt a pet who is older than 10 years? How many pets do you have?


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I get traumatized by giving away my puppies to other relatives then I got a update that the dogs died because "they can't afford medicial/ vaccines". That's why I promise myself not to give anymore puppies and raised them myself. I have 16 dogs in my care. The oldest is 9 years old :D


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