The Story of Kate Winslet, the Actress Who Broke Hollywood’s Expectation of Perfection

2 years ago

When we hear about Kate Winslet, our minds usually go back to the movie Titanic. We imagine her lying on a door at sea, talking in dismay with Jack, whom she would lose a few minutes later. But beyond that performance, which helped the film win an Oscar, Kate is a woman who has vindicated natural beauty and has become an example for us to learn to fall in love with our bodies.

At Bright Side, we deeply admire the work of this great actress, but above all, her great courage to become a spokesperson for the love of real bodies.

The star that shines with her own light

We admire more than a few things about Kate Winslet. She has become a reference in the world of acting, both on television and in film and theater. We are not the only ones to recognize her great work, as she has earned multiple awards, including an Oscar.

Her versatility has allowed her to work in stories full of drama, romance, or suspense. A true luminary in the world of show business.

The great power of defending what’s yours

Kate isn’t only known for her work as an actress. She’s also made the news on multiple occasions for her weight variations and how some media have handled her physical image. In fact, in 2003, the British edition of an American magazine published photographs of her in which she was photoshopped to look taller and thinner.

Indestructible since childhood

For Kate, these types of situations are not new. In 2017, she participated in an event in London where she talked about the things she experienced as a child and how she overcame the offensive comments she received because of her body. “They called me Blubber. They made fun of me because I wanted to be an actress. They would lock me in a closet. They laughed at me.”

But she didn’t give up: “I didn’t isolate myself or quit, I ignored the negative comments. I believed in myself. I chose to rise above it all, and I had to work very hard. You have to be indestructible to do what you love and believe you are worth it. That’s the hardest part of it all.”

Without the perfect body, you just need to believe in yourself.

She has assured us that despite not having the “perfect body” by Hollywood standards, she managed to succeed. In fact, she celebrated how she became one of the leading actresses in Titanic: “One fine day, I was cast as Rose,” Winslet said. “The most unlikely candidate, Kate from the sandwich store in Reading (where she’s originally from), acting in one of the greatest movies ever made! You can come from anywhere and do anything, you just have to believe it. It is possible to overcome your fears.”

She loves the marks left by the passage of time on her face.

She recalls how, even after the triumph of Titanic, she couldn’t avoid media scrutiny for her curves. But none of that stopped her from becoming a leading spokesperson for body acceptance, and even wrinkles. In fact, she has been keen to encourage natural aging, and along with actresses Emma Thompson and Rachel Weisz formed the British League for Anti-Cosmetic Surgery, as well as instructing magazines and brands not to digitally erase her wrinkles in photographs. She is proud of her entire body.

Ambassador of royal beauty

In 2021, she became a global ambassador for L’Oréal Paris. In the words of the brand’s global president, Delphine Viguier-Hovasse, “Kate Winslet is a true icon, in film and as a strong woman. She is an empowering voice for our mission at L’Oréal Paris: to believe in yourself so that the next generation doesn’t doubt it for a moment. With her talent for making women’s stories visible and supporting the voiceless, Kate Winslet shares our reason for being at L’Oréal Paris: to encourage ladies to know their worth, celebrate their beauty and dare to be themselves.”

A great role model for her own daughter

A pioneer of body positivity, a movement that empowers women to accept their bodies, she has declared herself a faithful admirer of mothers, “Mothers who work full time — they’re the real heroes.” But she is no slouch when it comes to being a great mom.

Kate also educates her daughter, Mia, who has also ventured into the difficult world of acting: “I stand in front of the mirror and tell Mia: ’We are very lucky to have a figure like this. We’re so lucky to have curves.’ And she says, ’Mommy, I know, thank God.’”

What do you like most about your body? What looks do you choose to highlight it?


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