“There Is No Shameful Job,” From Balloon Seller to Accountant

9 months ago

Everything is possible when you dream big. Despite being mocked for his job selling balloons, Eduardo Chamé proudly announced his graduation as an accountant, which he achieved through his earnings from balloon sales.

Eduardo Chamé is a young Mexican man who recently fulfilled his dream of graduating from college. Despite facing ridicule for his job selling balloons, he was able fund his education and graduate as an accountant, thanks to his hard work and determination.

On his Facebook page, he thanked the parents who bought their kids balloons: “Thanks to them, I was able to pay for my tickets, registration fees, books, and food,” and he added: “Without knowing it, they were helping me to complete my studies.”

He continued his post addressing those who mocked him: “I want to express to all those who have made fun of me, that there is no shameful job, that when you want to get ahead, you must work at whatever it is.”

He ended: “Street vendors are people who also have dreams, who are forging our future, for this reason, work must be respected and valued, no matter how humble it may be, because later, that vendor you reject today will be the professional you may need tomorrow.”

There’s no doubt that life can be tough. But persisting and striving for greater things is the secret to a fulfilling life.

Preview photo credit Eduardo Chamé / Facebook


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