These 10 Jobs Make You Gain Weight

10 months ago

A new study conducted online by Harris Interactive suggests that professions involving high stress levels have a higher percentage of workers putting on extra pounds. To be honest, we here at Bright Side were quite surprised to find some occupations on that list.

1. Travel agent

These people need to try their best to please each customer, planning and organizing their trips. The process involves much pressure and stress because, apart from clients’ needs, there are always sales targets travel agents have to reach. Plus, the role involves hours of sitting.

2. Attorney

In this field, stress and pressure are common things. So eating because of anxiety and not controlling portions and calorie counts make it one of the jobs most likely to make you gain weight.

3. Social worker

Just like travel agents, social workers spend too many hours sitting. They often eat at their desks and almost never have the opportunity to take part in exercise or any physical activities during their working day.

4. Teacher

When you hear the word "teacher," what image comes to mind first? A person sitting at a desk, right? Teachers sometimes sit at their desks while giving lectures, and they also do all their administrative work while sitting: preparing for their classes, grading, checking attendance, etc.

5. Artist, designer, and architect

These occupations go hand in hand with flexible hours and independent work. Since such professionals mostly rely on creativity and inspiration, they don’t have to stick to strict schedules. The same applies to their meals. They eat when they want, and they work while sitting.

6. Administrative assistant

Another sedentary role that involves always being ready to help others. The job is connected with too much stress and anxiety on an everyday basis, not to mention a classic example of a bad lunch habit: eating right in front of the computer.

7. Scientist

The intellectual often goes side-by-side with a lack of mobility. Being too eager to learn more and discover new things, these professionals sometimes forget about healthy eating habits. At NASA, for example, they encourage exercises during working hours and promote programs against weight gain.

8. Police officer

The image of a policeman eating donuts is classic, isn’t it? But have you ever wondered why? This profession is one of the most stressful, and just think of all the office work they have to deal with. For these guys, eating is often the only effective way to fight stress.

9. Marketing and public relations professional

This is another example of jobs without fixed schedules. They have no deadlines to meet or routine to follow, but they do have events they have to attend. Most of the time such events offer great food, and that’s why the profession is on the list.

10. Information technology professional

This field is a combination of the scientific and creative spheres. They spend way too many hours in front of the computer and deal with much stress. They usually work until late which leads to bad eating habits.

Follow these simple rules to forget about gaining weight no matter what position you currently hold.

  • Go out for a walk more often, or at least take the stairs instead of the elevator. Stand up and go say "hi" to your colleague instead of sending an e-mail. If you want something to eat, go out, and don’t use delivery.
  • Think about improving the quality of your food. If you can’t do anything about your tight schedule and have to eat out, at least try to order healthy food. You always have options to choose from.
  • Drink more water. Make sure you always have a bottle of water nearby.
  • Try to replace coffee with healthier drinks, such as green tea.
  • Try to relax more and avoid stress. You can try listening to relaxing music and practicing deep breathing.
Based on materials from holadoctor, salud180


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