This Artist Made 34 Giant Wood Sculptures, and They’re Both Terrifying and Cute

2 years ago

My name is Thomas Dambo and I’m a recycling artist who uses scrap wood to bring curious giant trolls to life all around the world. I invite you to discover how dumpster trash and recycled wood can breathe life into awesome sculptures, and help us all think of trash as something we can use to inspire and create.

Bright Side has collected some of my trolls with the most personality for you to see and get a glimpse into their lives and their creation.

Isak Heartstone enjoys peace and quiet in his forest.

“Mikil is as strong as a dragon and always on his way.”

Isak is hidden away with his animal friends.

Hektor el Protector watches over the seas (Puerto Rico).

We found Sigrid whizzing down the hills.

“The world is in our hands” (Christiania, Denmark).

Little Tilde says hello from among the trees.

Joe the Guardian scouts for any human trouble (Chicago).

We discovered Una & Joures cloud watching.

Little Nora travels the woods with her sled (Belgium).

The best view is from Hill Top Trine’s palms.

Joen keeps an eye on us humans (Miami).

Marit found a peaceful corner to observe life (China).

Old Wise Woo plays his flute for the children (Korea).

Teddy Friendly helps us get across the river.

“Arvid likes to carve his dreams into ancient trees.”

Watch out for Snorra of Suwannee.

Little Nis is forever lost in his reflection.

Troels the Troll helps his local community.

Today we all need the peace of Leo the Enlightened (Tennessee).

Bonus: That’s me (far left) after bringing Little Tilde to life!

If you are as impressed as we are, then check out his new project as he reveals new secret locations of trolls across Denmark, using this map. You can see more of his work on his Facebook page and Instagram account, as well as his YouTube channel where we can watch his creations come to life and meet Thomas and his team.

Do you have photos with any trolls near where you live? We would love to know if you find his work as astonishing as we do. Comment with your top 3 favorites, surely Teddy Friendly is in there!

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They are all so amazing. Little Nis spoke to me on a personal level. I have always found inner peace watching the water. Not myself in it but the water itself lol second would be Sigrid because it inspires such joy and then Isak Heartstone because there is something stoic about him yet whimsical at the same time. I could rave on about them all honestly but you asked for top three :) thank you for sharing this with us.


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