This Is What 15 Disney Characters Would Look Like Without Their Unique Beards or Mustaches

3 years ago

Even in real life, when a man shaves off a beard or mustache he has been wearing for many years, we find it hard to believe that we’re talking to the same person. Not to mention cartoon characters, who remain fixed in our memory with the same clothes, the same voice, the same gestures and, of course, the same facial hair. But how would these same characters look like if they shaved?

At Bright Side we asked ourselves the very same question, but our illustrators were quick to give us their answer, and it was a rather creative one. The result totally exceeded all of our expectations. And because we’re confident that you will enjoy it as much as we did, we want to share it with you.

1. Zeus

2. The Sultan

3. The King

4. Merlin

5. Jafar

6. King Triton

7. The Emperor

8. Kashekim Nedakh

9. Yen Sid

10. Cookie

11. Maurice

12. The Grand Duke

13. King Hubert

14. Gepetto

15. Cassim

Had you ever pictured these characters like this before? What other changes in cartoon or movie characters would you like us to show you?


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