This Is Why Women Live Longer Than Men

10 months ago

We’ve put together a selection of 24 photographs which show that there is a kind of resourcefulness that only men seem to display. Women shouldn’t be jealous of this, however, for as you can see, it’s often characterised by a complete absence of the instinct for self-preservation. What would we do without these guys?

So, this is how tightrope-walkers earn a living...

He’s completely safe...definitely.

They’re not taking any risks at all...

’Just hold on to the step-ladder and everything will be fine!’

Let’s hope no one shouts, ’lunch time!’

No safety violations here...

Mechanics for daredevils.

Think you’ve got good balance? This guy’s better (or at least, we hope he is).

This kind of risk is worth it when your windows need cleaning!

Always take care when using dangerous equipment...

That old lady won’t pay him unless he fixes it...

1st floor, 33rd floor — what’s the difference? He’s got a job to do...

If you haven’t got a step-ladder to hand, this is a perfectly safe alternative...

...But if you do have one, you can put them wherever you want. They’re the safest thing in the world!

To be fair, it was REALLY hot in the sun that day.

There was no point draining the water to change just one light bulb!

I think I can guess how this is going to end...

If the repair guy doesn’t turn up, do it yourself!

I here he’s the best fitness instructor in town...

For those who like to set themselves a challenge, try this!

Getting electrocuted is worth the risk — he’s got places to be!

At least we know the baggage handlers are good at their job!

Some of the wooden supports have gone missing, what can you do?

When there’s not a single ladder in the village, you’ve only got one option.


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