This photographer has captured the beauty of women from 37 countries

10 months ago

Romanian photographer Mihaela Noroc left her job two years ago to start a new life. With nothing but a backpack and a camera, she set off to travel the world, taking hundreds of shots of women in their everyday setting. This is how her unique photo project, ’The Atlas Of Beauty’, took shape. The project so far has encompassed work in 37 countries.

"Mihaela says: ’Today I’m convinced that beauty is everywhere, and it has nothing to do with wearing the right cosmetics or dressing in the right clothes. Beauty is in the ability to be oneself.’ Looking at some of her photos, you can clearly see that she is right.

Shiraz, Iran

Maramureș, Romania

Yangon, Myanmar

Jakarta, Indonesia

Moscow, Russia

The Tibetan Plateau, China

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Baltic Sea, Finland

The Omo Valley, Ethiopia

The Amazon jungle

Nasir ol Molk Mosque, Iran

Riga, Latvia

Beijing, China

Mexico City, Mexico

Cali, Colombia

San Francisco, USA

Vilnius, Lithuania

Havana, Cuba


Sydney, Australia

Tbilisi, Georgia

Khanom, Thailand

El Paico, Chile

Otavalo, Ecuador

Medellín, Colombia

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile


Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Based on materials from The Atlas Of Beauty


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