Treat Yourself in a Big Way With 10 of the Smallest Gifts on Amazon

10 months ago

There are times when we buy stuff that is meant to be a gift, but we also want it for ourselves. As a matter of fact, we should reward ourselves, especially after a long, hard day at work. One of the benefits is that you will procrastinate less. So, treat yourself to these items that we gathered from Amazon.

1. Maximize your nail art game with this powerful cuticle remover. The solution can dissolve dry cuticles in just 15 seconds, leaving the skin smooth and soft. With this item, you can save a great deal of time on your manicure.

What one buyer says:
This was the first ever cuticle remover that I’ve ever used, and I was really shocked with the results. I have very sensitive cuticles and skin around the nails, and this product removes the cuticles smoothly without making the skin around the nails feel sore. This is a must-have product, but please be advised to only apply the product for 15 seconds, as instructed, as my mother left this product on for longer, and her nails started showing discoloration. The best advice is to do one finger at a time.Amazon Customer / Amazon

2. Reading books will be more interesting with this cute magnetic bookmark. It has the shape and look of a biscuit and is designed to fold over one or more pages and be held in place by its magnets.

What one buyer says:
I purchased this bourbon cream biscuit bookmark for my teenage boy as a little present. Good to find a bookmark that would appeal to boys. He really liked it and said that he liked how the magnets kept a clamp on what page he was on without falling out. Good size and good quality.topcat / Amazon

3. If you’re a fan of daily body mists, this one is suitable for you, and it comes in a pack for you to choose from. Each bottle will last for about 25 days, while the scent will stay for 6 hours after spraying. Not only that, but the packaging is cruelty-free and recyclable.

What a buyer says:
Lovely set. Smells like candy and sweet. I’m impressed and I’m not a teenager! Small enough to fit in a handbag. I like all of them.
Actually purchased it as a gift but decided to keep it for me. Excellent value for the money. I could still smell the scent this morning when I woke up. So longevity is there :) Thank you.Amelia / Amazon

4. Unwind from your hectic day with these fairy lights. It has the shape of 10 natural Himalayan salt crystals and emits a warm light, making it perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere.

What buyers say:
I absolutely love these, no damage whatsoever, nothing cracked, and they arrived perfectly packaged. Easy to put up, but make sure your curtain pole is sturdy as they’re quite heavy! So relaxing that I could look at them all day.KATIE / Amazon

I adore these lights. They are so pretty and authentic. I was surprised by the quality for such a low price!Amazon Customer / Amazon

5. This is a multi-functional Groot holder that can be used not only to hold stationery but also to grow small plants or flowers. The material is non-toxic and has a stable hole at the bottom.

What buyers say:
Good quality, drainage hole underneath, so Groot’s roots don’t get overwatered, very pleased with the purchase!Oliver S / Amazon

Lovely cheeky little pot, great for my catnip grass. Little plastic looking but does the job.Yorkshire Beanie / Amazon

6. Using this massage ball that moves in multiple directions will help you loosen up tight muscles and increase your flexibility. This tool is ergonomic, compact, and easy to use.

What buyers say:
As you can see, this is, basically, an enlarged deodorant ball, but boy, is it effective! I live alone, so have to do my own massaging, on a historic, reoccurring, back spasm. This is easy to grip, and pressure is within your own control. Instructions advise a minimum of 2 minutes, to penetrate into deep tissue.
massage whilst watching TV, then apply an appropriate, pain-killing muscle cream. I feel immediate relief from my ’self-applied’ therapy. I thoroughly recommend this simple massager — especially when having to DIY.NEJane / Amazon

Was quite cheap, came the very next day, and works excellently. Used once, and it’s a good kind of pain. Would seriously recommend this to anyone with back pain or back knots.😊Jordon foster / Amazon

7. Acne can be annoying, but it doesn’t have to be with these transparent pimple patches. Made with hydrocolloid, the patches are effective for pesky pimples that haven’t surfaced and help calm, flatten, and soothe your skin.

What a buyer says:
Since getting off of birth control, I’ve struggled with some pretty painful and long-lasting acne. I just bought these patches 2 days ago and cannot believe how they just pull the zit right out of the skin! I do prick the area with a needle before placing a patch, that’s when I find the best results, so I highly recommend doing that. It took only 2 days of jabbing the area and placing a patch at night to have the pimple completely come out on the patch. I cannot recommend these patches enough!N / Amazon

8. This beautiful glass mug is handmade and has flowery 3D designs that will never fade. The mug can be used for various beverages, hot or cold.

What buyers say:
Beautiful. Just beautiful. My whole family keeps visiting to see it. The price is right, and the elegance is outstanding. I will buy more when I get paid again.Rosemary Crosby / Amazon

Love this cup. So, so beautiful, so bought one for a friend, and she absolutely loves it.lynn.mcfarlane / Amazon

9. For cat lovers, this set of cat-butt magnets might attract your attention, so you won’t miss any messages on your fridge. The package includes 6 items for various cat breeds.

What one buyer says:
Aside from the ones for myself, I bought a set of these for my friends, my ex-roommate, and my sister. They all love them. Even their friends love them! Everyone loves these, and the love of cat butts deserves to be spread!LEW / Amazon

10. This plant accessory will complement your car interior. The pot and plant are removable, so you can replace them with any small plants you want, like tillandsia and succulents. It has a vintage and rustic style and comes with a pair of plant pots.

What buyers say:
Hangs in my cubicle with magnets I bought on Amazon too! Super cute, and I bet it would be cute in the car too!Sayward / Amazon

Easy assembly, durable hooks, fits my SUV perfectly.Kayyy / Amazon

Adds some happiness to my car :) absolutely love it!Allison / Amazon

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I just wanted to comment about the hanging plant intended for the car, I know that in many states its illegal to have anything hanging from your rear view mirror, so it would be a good idea to check with your area and any places that you may intend to travel to. I've read about instances where people have been pulled over and given tickets for it and they take it very seriously. I noticed that the containers looked shiny, idk if they're made from plastic or glass but during an accident they could be dangerous and cause an injury. Rear view mirrors have also been known to detach from the windshield and the weight of a plant in a hanging container could just exasperate the issue. Just thoughts on safety issues possibly related to the plant container. Not trying to offend anyone. I hope everyone is safe out there.


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