Turns Out There Are Things We’re the Best At, Depending on Our Age

4 years ago

It turns out that there is the perfect age to get married, to develop your body, to make lots of money, and even to learn a new language. People also succeed best of all with playing chess and remembering faces at a certain period in their life.

Bright Side found out what people are best at from 7 to 48 years old. This may be a good opportunity to find a hobby or business that works best for you right now.

Learning a new language — 7 years old

People who start learning their second language before 10 years old have a better chance of speaking it fluently, according to a study. It’s unknown why the human brain struggles to learn a language in adulthood. That being said, 17 or 18 years old is considered to be the last critical period for learning a new language.

Life satisfaction — 23 years old

A survey of 23,000 people in Germany found that current life satisfaction reaches its peak around ages 23 and 69. If you are already over 23 years old, then there is no reason to be sad — just wait for the second peak and everything will be OK again. Of course, we’re being cheeky here! First of all, the joy in our lives depends on our attitude toward the things that happen to us.

Women are most attractive — 23 years old

According to the book Dataclysm, men find women in their early 20s most attractive. Even as the men got older, their preference for 20-something women seemed to stay the same. Yes, tastes may vary, but this makes it possible to identify certain patterns.

Muscle strength — 25 years old

Often, people tend to justify their laziness with made up reasons. For example, people who are still young do not play sports, because “it’s too late.” But the study claims that the peak of muscle strength doesn’t even begin until 25 years old and lasts for about a decade. For older people, there is also good news. Physical activity decreases pretty slowly, and moderate exercise is considered useful at any age.

Finding a partner for marriage — 26 years old

Mathematicians say that the best time to make a decision is when you’ve looked at 37% of those options. It’s easy to caculate that if you are looking for a partner between the ages of 18 and 40, then the best decision should be made at 26 years old.
This can be an excellent argument for single people who are about 20 and upset about not having relationships — you still have a lot of time!

Playing chess — 31 years old

If you are not a grandmaster, then never play chess for money with people who are 31 years old. The study says that it’s at this age that a person has the best developed abilities for this game. But, of course, with constant training, you can defeat any opponent!

Remembering faces — 32 years old

If chess is too boring for you, don’t be sad, we have another idea: You could always work for the secret service. A study says that our best time for remembering faces is after the age of 30.

Men have awesome salaries — 48 years old

According to a study, men earn the most when they’re about 48 or 49 years old. Their salaries continue to grow until this age, and top out at a median of $95,000 annually.

How old are you now? What do you do best of all at the moment?


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Woot! Yay for being 32! I can finally remember faces! (Nope.. cannot. Memory isn’t wonderful although nostalgia is one of my favorite things)


Oh and I have always said men’s taste stays the same as they age. Does that also mean women are more accepting of life changes and growing old with someone? Did the women in the study compliment the men that had kind eyes as they aged, or their smile lines? There is so much to find in another person when they don’t look exactly the same as the beginning of a relationship. This image comes to mind. This- this is why she finds him lovely. He is angry at the moment but he is still caring for her. I imagine him smiling after this when he sees her smiling at his grumpy face.

Comment with image on Bright Side

Aaah perfect, I am 21 right now so you are telling me I have 4 years left to procrastinate on starting a sport.. thanks brightside ??


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