VIRAL: Eight-Year-Old Boy Finds 900-Year-Old Treasure on Swedish Beach

7 months ago

Eight-year-old Bruno Tillema stumbled upon a remarkable discovery during a family vacation in Sweden—an ancient Viking artifact. As they enjoyed their holiday on a Gotland beach, Bruno’s keen interest in fossils, nurtured by a recent book gift, led him to scan the ground for treasures.

While scanning the beach, a peculiar metal object captured Bruno’s attention, and he decided to investigate. It was a dark brown, intricately carved triangular artifact. His father, Andreas Tillema, shared, “We had just given him a book about fossils, and because of that he was actively scanning the ground with his eyes.”

Bruno impulsively picked up the object and continued his walk, unaware of its significance. It wasn’t until his mother inquired about the item that they realized they held a genuine ancient artifact.

Archaeologists later identified Bruno’s find as a Viking-era bronze buckle, astonishingly over 900 years old. The buckle was designed in the shape of an animal head, an exquisite piece from the past.

Bruno’s remarkable discovery will be preserved and added to a collection, contributing to the island’s rich historical heritage. Furthermore, Bruno’s enthusiasm for archaeology has been ignited, as he dreams of one day finding a Tyrannosaurus Rex skull.


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