We Ranked 15 of the Best Outfits From Sex and the City

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Sex and the City ran on HBO for 6 seasons, with a further 2 movies released, in 2008 and in 2010. While the girls, Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte, kept us glued to our screens, their outfits made sure we were paying attention. From Carrie’s iconic tutu to Miranda’s power suits or Samantha’s daring ensembles, take a trip down memory lane with us as we rank some of their best — and not-so-best outfits.

15. Flower power

Making an appearance at the beginning of the first movie, Carrie’s outfit is an example of her bold fashion choices, but it also proves that her creative styling doesn’t always hit the spot. The attention-grabbing look goes for several things at once with a mix of tight and loose-fitting elements and a pattern that, although striking, seems to almost clash with the structure of the dress. However, it still makes the list as a classic example of Carrie’s crazy endeavors.

14. Bus stop greatness

This outfit serves as an example of Samantha’s bold and confident style. Seen in season 2, episode 17, as the girls embark on a road trip, the bright color and vintage-inspired accessories are hallmarks of Samantha’s distinctive wardrobe. The outfit makes a statement and adds a touch of glamour to the bus stop, all while showcasing Samantha’s lively and outgoing personality.

13. Standout piece

Big belts seemed to be all the rage around the time of the movie, with both Miranda and Samantha sporting one and Charlotte not straying too far from the look. All this makes Carrie’s outfit stand out as a testament to her different style — she doesn’t follow trends — she follows her own intuition.

12. Carrie’s iconic jacket

Carrie’s iconic jacket is a standout piece in her wardrobe, appearing several times throughout the show as her go-to for braving the cold New York winter weather. In the final episode, pictured here, we see the jacket as the finishing touch to complete an outfit. The jacket’s timeless style and versatility have cemented its iconic status.

11. Miranda’s suits

Cynthia Nixon’s character had quite a different style from the other girls, especially during the earlier seasons. Miranda was portrayed as a successful lawyer with outfits to match, wearing suits most of the time and making sure they were never worn in a boring way, gaining her and her suits a place in the list.

10. Out for the night

Sometimes the devil is in the details, and Kim Cattrall’s character seems to have thought about that while picking this outfit. A simple, skintight black and white dress, beautifully complemented with a red bag to form a winning combo. Even the fan seems to go well with it — the “$1 fan,” as Carrie refers to it, in season 4, episode 16, is talked about as being the only thing Carrie can still afford while she tries to not lose her apartment.

9. Casual Miranda

This is one of Miranda’s first departures from her suits, showing she looks great in both business and casual clothing. From season 2, episode 15, it’s almost like the character raided Carrie’s closet and found this ’70s-inspired light outfit to go on a date around the ever iconic Central Park. Although she won’t stay with her date for long, her outfit made the occasion more memorable.

8. Yes, that’s a tutu

Sarah Jessica Parker’s debut as Carrie is unforgettable, thanks to this outfit. The opening sequence introduces us to her character as she’s caught off guard by a splash of water from a bus that has an ad for her newspaper column, ruining her outfit. Despite the setback, Carrie rocks this tutu with effortless grace, setting the tone for her bold and stylish character. This look deserves a special shoutout for its boldness and uniqueness in everyday life.

7. Carrie in Paris

In Season 6, fans will recall Carrie jetting off to Paris, leaving her gal pals behind. The blue jacket paired with white accents is the highlight of one of her walks through the city. Despite being far from New York, the city still seems to follow her when she stumbles upon her own book in a Parisian bookstore. Fans will surely remember this iconic yet simple outfit for years.

6. Los Angeles blue

Samantha’s bright and bold ensemble is a good intro to the girl’s vacation outfits. One thing was for sure, when the girls got out of New York, you knew you were about to get some killer outfits. Marked by its color and summery vibe, this outfit appears on a trip to Los Angeles in season 3, episode 13. In the picture, we can also see Carrie wearing mismatched shoes.

5. Summery chic

Samantha rocks this vacation outfit in the Hamptons episode in season 2. While they all struggle with aging upon being surrounded by “20-something girls,” this outfit perfectly blends the summery vibes and color with great accessorizing and her belly chain, which shines a light on her incredible “30-something woman’s” body. Out of New York episodes were always fun, and this one is no different.

4. Alone in Paris

This gigantic dress appears in season 6, and Carrie never ends up going anywhere in it, as her date leaves her hanging in her hotel room in Paris. It did make for quite a striking visual as she walks around her room and eventually falls asleep in it, bringing glamour to quite a sad event in the show.

3. From curly to straight

The dress worn in season 2, episode 10 of Sex and the City is a standout piece. This elegant dress is paired with Carrie’s straight hair, marking one of the first times she is shown with this hairstyle. This episode explores themes of social difference, and the scene showcases Carrie’s character questioning if she belongs at a fancy socialite party alongside her future husband.

2. Newspaper dress

The iconic Dior vintage Autumn/Winter 2000-2001 newspaper dress makes a memorable appearance in season 3, episode 17 of the show. The dress takes center stage during a monologue and a dramatic slow-motion walk through the streets of New York. The scene is significant as it occurs after Carrie runs into Natasha, newly divorced from Carrie’s love interest, Mr. Big.

1. All out Carrie

Carrie takes the fashion crown with an ensemble that truly encapsulates her style. In season 4, episode 15, while debating Miranda’s pregnancy, she sports a vibrantly printed skirt, likely found at a thrift store, paired with a button-up shirt and a t-shirt she transformed into a top, all held together by a belt creatively placed just above her belly button. This classic Carrie look is perfect for a summery stroll around town and shows how creativity can make an outfit stand out.

What do you think of Sex and the City’s wardrobe? Do we still love the style, or should we leave it in the past? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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