We Thought We’d Seen Everything, but Nature Wowed Us 15+ More Times

3 years ago

Nature has no speech organs, but creates languages ​​and hearts through which she speaks and feels,” said the great William Shakespeare. It’s really great to be able to enjoy nature and find peace with it. A double rainbow, an albino crocodile, a glass frog, and lava flowing into the ocean — nature sure has a lot to surprise us with.

We at Bright Side have collected photos from the most fabulous places in the world and are eager to share them with you.

1. This sand looks like glitter.

2. Lake Berryessa in California

3. A dust devil swirling up at Burning Man

4. Even crocodiles can be albinos.

5. This is what a lenticular cloud over Mount Fuji looks like.

6. The person who managed to see this double rainbow is really lucky.

7. It gets creepy when you see lightning like this.

8. Take a long look at these multi-colored fields in the hills.

9. A view of Lake Natron in the Great Rift Valley

10. This is an albino ape and its name is Snowflake.

11. This frog is almost transparent and is known as a “glass frog.”

12. These light pillars look like they’re Photoshopped but it’s actually a normal photo.

13. This optical illusion gives the impression that there are 3 suns. It’s hard to say which one is real.

14. Another lighting effect that can make you believe in a miracle

15. Meet this finger-sized bird

16. These ice blocks have been forming for thousands of years.

17. We’re so small compared to nature.

18. Lava and the ocean is a very unusual combination.

19. What color should the Devil’s Bath be? Green, of course!

What’s the most unusual natural phenomenon you’ve ever seen? Which one would you like to see with your own eyes?


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