What 10 Actors Who Played Famous Roles Before Falling Off the Radar Are Doing Now

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Acting careers can be full of unexpected twists. Some actors can appear in hundreds of movies but never become famous. But there are some performers who appear on-screen only once, yet their characters become everyone’s favorite for years. Let’s take a look at these actors and find out what they are doing now.

Angus T. Jones, Two and a Half Men

Angus T. Jones was literally growing up before our eyes. We remember him as a funny chubby boy who was raised by a clueless father and thoughtless uncle. He played the role of Jake Harper for 10 years, but eventually, he left the show, saying that he was very unhappy with it. Jones didn’t like his character, as it didn’t correspond with his values. Jones chose to pursue his degree at a university and do charity work.

Gabrielle Anwar, Scent of a Woman

The Oscar-winning movie, Scent of a Woman, gave us the best tango scene in movie history, according to many viewers. This scene where a young Gabrielle Anwar was dancing with Al Pacino was probably seen even by those who haven’t watched the movie. And this role, which is only 7 minutes long, made Anwar internationally famous.

The actress doesn’t act in movies these days. She’s a producer and leads a social media blog.

Beth Behrs, 2 Broke Girls

Perhaps the name Beth Behrs doesn’t sound familiar to most people, but the cheerful blonde, Caroline Channing, is known by many. The role of the rich heiress who had to work as a waitress remains the actress’s most well-known role. Today, the actress performs in theater productions, voices animated characters, and hosts podcasts.

Zen Gesner, The Adventures of Sinbad

The Adventures of Sinbad and his crew became popular partly thanks to the actor who played the title role. Zen Gesner charmed audiences with his charisma, beautiful hair, and dizzying stunts. While preparing for this role, Gesner picked up some tricks from a local circus troupe, such as tightrope walking, kicking/flipping up from the ground (known as “kipping”), and stunt flips.

Unfortunately, he hasn’t had any other prominent roles like Sinbad in his career. Now he lives with his family in Malibu and doesn’t appear in movies anymore.

Sherilyn Fenn, Twin Peaks

Sherilyn Fenn has a long filmography, but her role of Audrey Horne on the TV series Twin Peaks is truly legendary. It earned the actress nominations for an Emmy and a Golden Globe, as well as fame and adoration from audiences. Fenn continues to act in movies and win the hearts of viewers with her talent and never-fading beauty.

Brooke Burns, Baywatch

The Baywatch cast had a lot of good-looking actors, and Brooke Burns was one of them. She appeared in the series for 3 years, and we still remember her beautiful smile and shining eyes. Currently, Burns appears in different TV projects from time to time as an actress and host.

Stephen Amell, Arrow

Stephen Amell has a lot of supporting roles and bit parts under his belt, but he rose to fame thanks to his starring role in the superhero series, Arrow. 8 seasons of the show earned Amell many nominations for different television awards, and his performance was praised by critics. Currently, the actor acts in both big and small-screen projects, and he even produces some of them. We hope that his greatest role is still ahead of him.

Daveigh Chase, The Ring

That horrifying girl from The Ring was played by Daveigh Chase. Of course, we can’t remember her face because it was covered with hair, but we definitely remember the role. Case’s filmography consists mostly of bit parts in movies and TV shows. However, Chase definitely has another memorable role under her belt — she voiced Lilo in the Disney animated movie, Lilo & Stitch.

Judd Nelson, The Breakfast Club

This iconic movie hasn’t lost its relevance, even today. Judd Nelson played the rebellious John Bender and conquered our hearts with his first appearance in the film. Nelson’s filmography is truly impressive, but to us, he is still one of the 5 students who faced detention in the school library on a Saturday morning.

This character has become so legendary that robot Bender from Futurama was named after him.

Martine McCutcheon, Love Actually

We associate Martine McCutcheon’s character with Christmas festivities because this holiday is the only time when we can imagine that a prime minister would kiss his secretary at a school concert. McCutcheon has appeared in many movies and theater productions in Great Britain. Currently, she takes part in a few TV shows.

What other actors do you know only by a single role?


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