What 18 Marvel Movie Characters Look Like in Their Original Comics

3 years ago

Paul Bettany's 7-year-old daughter cried when the shooting of Age of Ultron had been completed because she wanted "the purple daddy" back. From the mouths of babes shall come the truth! MCU has definitely nailed it. But what is their secret? Well, we guess it's just the magical union of brilliant casting, amazing writing, and character development - but the most important element was a love for comics. However, sometimes you have to sacrifice some things for the greater good, even if that means straying from the original version.

Bright Side has compared the looks of your favorite Marvel characters in movies to how they're portrayed in the comics.

1. Vision

The Vision lost his bright colors and became darker in the films. However, the design of the costume is very close to the one in the comics.

Check out Paul Bettany getting ready on set.

2. Mantis

This sweet cinnamon roll, who we saw last time in Infinity War actually looks more like a warrior in the comic version. In the movies, Mantis has a less natural suit made of leather. It even resembles Loki's style a little bit.

3. Hawkeye

Arrows are where they're supposed to be and this is the most important element of Hawkeye's costume. MCU's Hawkeye doesn't have a helmet in the film or as many colors in his outfit, but that doesn't prevent him from being a fan favorite.

4. Thor

The God of Hummers...oh, we mean the God of Thunder. Thor is missing the helmet for his entire journey! Seems like he looks closest to the comic books during his fight scene with The Hulk in Thor: Ragnarok. But he's already lost his beautiful long hair and the hammer by this time. In the rest of the film, the costume is pretty close to the original and Chris Hemsworth really captures that god-like look.

5. Loki

God of Mischief, brother of Thor, and son of Odin (adopted, as we all remember). Loki hasn't lost his helmet during his MCU-lization thank goodness!

6. Black Panther

Wakanda forever! Fewer gold details and the loss of a cloak for His Majesty. Seems like MCU's Black Panther is more modest and maybe even more stylish. You can't defeat the total black.

7. Ant-man

Scott is almost the same in the movies as he is in the comics, but in the comic version, he has those small insect antennae, which make him more ant-like.

8. Aunt May

Spidey's aunty gets younger and younger in every new Spider-Man movie. In Homecoming, she's definitely not a canonical old woman. She's more like a "hot Italian woman," as the guy from the shop next door put it.

9. Ancient One

Tilda Swinton definitely doesn't wear a beard in Doctor Strange, but if she did, she'd look just as cool! However, Ancient One from the comics is an old male and the one in the movie is a woman...isn't she?

10. Scarlett Witch

She may have a canonical romance with The Vision, but she lost her mask/hat in the movie and it's probably for the best. That thing couldn't be too useful during fight scenes.

11. Iron Man

Stan Lee himself repeatedly says that Robert Downey Jr. was born to play Tony Stark. And we absolutely agree. As for his appearance, Jon Favreau kept it as close to the comics as he could and the rest is history.

12. Gamora

Don't cry! We've got to believe she's going to be alright, as all the others are. As for her suit, Peter Quill would definitely have loved for her to wear the one from the comics, but isn't it a bit too old school?

13. Captain America

In the first movie, Cap looks a lot like he did in the comics. Same colors, same helmet, same shield (well, not a vibranium steel alloy one). In his latest movies, he still wears that dark blue navy suit along with a couple of others, but the jaw and the spirit Chris Evans brings to the character are perfect.

14. Bucky Barnes

Bucky from the comics looks more like Robyn Hood than a soldier. But The Winter Soldier from the comic book and the movie are absolutely identical. The Russo Brothers like to keep things authentic.

15. The Grandmaster

Taika Waititi has left the Grandmaster his human skin, but what beautiful makeup he has in Ragnarok! He doesn't wear gloves in the movie at all. Is it because Jeff Goldblum's power is in all those little gestures he makes?

16. Groot

MCU's Groot is more of a free-spirited hippie type. С'mon, what does he need clothes for, anyway?

17. Valkyrie

Watch out for the new girl on the block. Looks like the one from the movie is more badass and doesn't really care about her hairstyle (is that a ponytail in the right picture?). But Valkyrie from the movie kept her comic book Asgardian cloak and it looks so good!

18. Heimdall

Heimdall is possibly vegetarian in the movie, but he's definitely not wearing artificial furs in the comics. This guy has a sword in hand as well as his trusty helmet. Alas! Someone who doesn't neglect safety!

Who is your favorite comic book character? Which versions of these characters do you like more? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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