What 7 Tiny Details in Your Bathroom Can Reveal About You

3 years ago

You might not know this, but how you arrange the items in your bathroom can give away many facts about yourself. Things like whether you roll your toilet paper over or under can indicate things about your personality. But before you shrug this notion off, read below to find out what experts say about this and see if things match up with your mindset.

Bright Side found this to be very interesting and made a list of 7 bathroom arrangements that “speak” loudly about whoever’s mind was behind it.

1. Toilet paper roll

If you keep your roll “over,” it can mean that you’re the more assertive type, and you like to dominate a situation. You like being in charge and you appreciate organization and order. If you like your paper “under,” you might be more of the quiet type. You could be more relaxed and dependable, according to an expert. And there are some people who prefer either way — this would mean they minimize conflict and are more flexible overall.

2. Bathroom cabinet

A bathroom cabinet is a place where we all keep personal things, like toiletries, medicine, tweezers, bandages, or anything else that we might need. Are they all squeezed inside there, one on top of the other? Well, this messy arrangement might indicate that you like to explore and go beyond traditional standards. You might be a creative person with a lot of new and bright ideas.

If you have everything arranged neatly and in order, that might signify that clutter creates tension in you. In the end, it’s all about your personality. If you usually are a messier person, then untidiness doesn’t bother you at all. However, if you usually are a person that keeps everything clean and in order and suddenly starts being careless and messy, it could be a sign of depression.

3. Toilet seat

This has been a long, neverending debate. It really depends on who lives in the respective house. For comfort, the toilet seat should be left down if there are more females in the house or if the number of females is equal to the number of males, as several studies show. If it’s the other way around, then it should be up.

If this isn’t a matter of conflict in your family, that means you may be a person who prefers a peaceful environment, not wanting to pick at every little detail.

4. Bottles

If you keep too many bottles of shampoo, shower gels, conditioners, and creams around — and some of them are empty — it means you could have a big stress factor in your life. Clutter can make you feel guilty that you are not more organized, along with feelings of stress, both mentally and physically. It can also signal to your brain that your work is never done. It can also make you feel embarrassed if someone drops by.

On the other hand, if your bathroom is too empty and all you have is a bar of soap and shampoo, this might mean that taking care of your body is not one of your top priorities.

5. The color of your bathroom

How you paint or decorate your bathroom can also reveal a lot about you. For example, if your walls are orange, you might be a social butterfly but are also aspirational and intelligent. Completely white bathrooms reveal that their owners are peaceful and radiant. Pink bathrooms were very popular at some point, and it’s is a very calming hue.

Black, on the other hand, is very formal, showing a dignified and balanced individual. Light blue depicts a sensitive and liberal person. Red is a strong color, so if you have this color in our bathroom, you might be spirited, radiant, and affectionate.

6. Sink and bathtub

A lot of books have been written about the powerful psychology behind cleanliness (and this won’t end anytime soon). To put it simply, if you scrub your sink and bathtub often, then there’s a bigger chance that you’re healthier than people with messier sinks, according to various studies.

Plus, people feel the need to be organized because, on an atomic level, we tend to be very well-regulated and organized. So we might feel the need to mirror this outside as well. And once these things are cleaned, you feel better about yourself. And it keeps you productive and even fit — let’s not forget about the physical effort it requires to clean a bathtub.

7. Overall image

If you go into your bathroom and take a look around, what is the overall impression you get? Does it look squeaky clean or chaotic? If you crave immaculateness and complete organization, it’s a very nice quality to have. But if just one tiny object is moved and you’re bothered by it, then you might want to take a look at what obsessive-compulsive behavior is, otherwise known as OCD.

If your bathroom looks chaotic at first sight, but you know exactly where each little thing is, there’s nothing wrong with this. Many people are messy and they’re perfectly fine with it. In fact, if you don’t stumble upon small details, you might be more creative, relaxed, and spontaneous.

After reading all of this, go to your bathroom and take a look around. Tell us how you have everything arranged. What does it say about you?


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the way the toilet paper is put that u guys say is an organized person, I have to disagree with u because that's how I put my toilet roll and if u saw my unit you would agree with me that that is wrong


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